Step 1: Pack the Ape Vape Vaporizer

Take your ground up herb and place it in to the bowl piece that fits into your water pipe. Like usual be sure not to over pack your bowl, the Ape Vape can fit more than normal bowls but still be careful so you don’t waste any herb.

Step 2: Heat the Ape Vape Vaporizer

Use the vaporizing computer to set the temperature that you wish to vaporize at. Since it uses the computer it will be able to tell temperature changes in the heater and fix it immediately. This is always going to ensure that you have the same vaporizing experience every time you use the Ape Vape.

Step 3: Begin use of the Ape Vape Vaporizer

Put the heater onto the top of the bowl piece containing the herb. You will see your water pipe fill with vapor and you are now ready to pull from it. A lot of the time it is best to take a couple quick hits first to get the vapor flowing. After a couple quick hits you can start pulling more from it.

Take a look at our in depth review of the Ape Vape Vaporizer before you make any final decisions. Want to see how much this vape costs? Compare prices and vendors for the Ape Vape Vaporizer.

Ape Vape Vaporizer

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