Step 1: Turn on the BC Vaporizer

First turn on the BC Vaporizer and give it about ten minutes to heat up. Sometimes it may take a little longer. I’d provide you with a way to tell it is heated up, but the BC Vaporizer doesn’t offer one.

Step 2: Pack the BC Vaporizer

Next you will want to grind up your herb and make it extra thin for the BC Vaporizer so it has less of a chance to burn.

Step 3: Begin use of the BC Vaporizer

Place the herb down onto the soldering iron heating element and immediately start to pull from the whip. You have to pull right away to start drawing in the vapor because if you wait even a small amount of time you might burn the herb.

Tip: This vape can be a little different to gauge when it is heated up. The best way is really just putting the herb on the hot plate as soon as you can. You will obviously see the vapor start to form and be good to go. If nothing happens just give it a little more time.

If you haven’t read the review for the BC Vaporizer I am a little disappointed and suggest you read it, you can find it here. If you’re thinking about buying the BC Vaporizer first you should compare prices and vendors.

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