Step 1: Open the Vaaapp glass vial

As with the Magic-Flight, this vape only needs 3 steps to use. First unscrew the glass vial from the top of the vaporizer. Be extra careful when removing the vial though because it can be kind of easy to break. When I say easy to break I really really mean it. Whether it be the glass breaking in the threading of the vial or it just completely shattering. It’s fragility is amplified when it is being heated up also.

Step 2: Pack the Vaaapp

Next place ground up herb into the glass vial, letting it settle at the bottom of the Vaaapp. Before you light under the herb though you will want to heat the upper part of the glass vial for about 6-8 seconds, before moving down to heat under the herb like shown below:

Step 3: Begin use of the Vaaapp

Don’t pull right away or while lighting, wait until you see vapor fill the glass, stop lighting and pull through the mouthpiece and clear the vapor from the tube. Discard used herb and repeat the previous steps.

Tip: When transporting this vape always use the carrying case. The glass vial is very easy to break.

If you haven’t read the review of the Essential Vaaapp I find it essential that you do. You can find it here. Wanna see how much this vaporizer costs? Compare prices and vendors for the Vaaapp.

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