Step 1: Turn on the Evolutions Vaporizer

Simply turn the Evolutions Vaporizer on and adjust the desired temperature, 365 degrees is recommended but you can adjust accordingly once you are vaporizing. I found that 365 degrees was a pretty good setting for me, I didn’t stray from it a lot.

Step 2: Pack the Evolutions Vaporizer

Next load your blend into the bowl piece of the whip, of course make sure not to pack it too much as to not waste any. Usually you will be able to tell you put too much in right away, most times it will result in burning some so you can tell in the taste. Generally the Evolutions Vaporizer should give you a great taste so you will know right away if it is burning.

Step 3: Begin use of the Evolutions Vaporizer

When the green light starts blinking on the Evolutions Vaporizer just insert the bowl piece into the hole in the front of the vaporizer and start pulling, that’s it. There really isn’t much to operating the Evolutions Vaporizer and it delivers a great vaporizing experience.

Tip: The Evolution Vaporizer heats up really fast and you actually get to watch the temperature count up, so pay attention. Most vapes you might want to set the temperature and then walk away but you won’t even have the time with this vape.

If you haven’t read the review of the Evolutions Vaporizer than you need to do so immediately. Right now. You can find it here. Thinking about ordering the Evolutions Vaporizer? Before you order the Evolutions Vaporizer, compare prices and vendors!

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