Step 1: Pack the Fumo Pipe

The bowl of the Fumo Pipe is located right on top, so simply drop your material into the bowl, either ground up or not. You don’t have to particularly pack the bowl super tight since the bowl is facing upwards, but you can if you want to.

Step 2: Light the Fumo Pipe

Place your lighter over the bowl and gently pull from the expansion chamber to begin lighting your material. You will quickly see the chamber fill with smoke and from here you just have to gauge what size pull you would like. Obviously the thicker the smoke the bigger the pull.

Step 3: Clear the Fumo Pipe

When you have determined you have the desired amount of smoke in the chamber simply press down the button that is on top of the Fumo Pipe located right in front of the bowl. This will allow fresh air to rush in and clear the chamber.

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