Step 1: Pack the Incredibowl i420

First remove the glass bowl from the Incredibowl’s Bowl Armor. Once it is removed you have to pack the bowl very tight. You can do this by leaving your material whole or also grinding it. Either way will work fine but I generally grind up my material anyway. Once it is packed nice and tight put the glass bowl back in the Bowl Armor.

Step 2: Light the Incredibowl i420

While holding the Incredibowl parallel to the ground place the open end of the expansion chamber to your mouth, use a standard lighter to light your material and begin pulling from the expansion chamber. You should see smoke start to build up instantly.

Step 3: Clear the Incredibowl i420

Simply pull on the Bowl Armor to let fresh air in and clear the chamber. If you find the smoke to be a little too harsh it just means that you may have taken too big of a pull. Simply cut down on the time you wait before pulling the Bowl Armor and clearing the chamber.

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