Step 1: Pack the Incredibowl Mini m420

First remove the glass bowl from the Bowl Armor. Once removed pack the bowl as tight as you can either leaving your material whole or grinding it. I tend to grind my material because I believe it works better even when you aren’t vaporizing. Once the bowl is packed insert the glass bowl back into the Bowl Armor.

Step 2: Light the Incredibowl Mini m420

Now that the bowl is packed hold the lighter flame in front of the bowl, not touching it, and pull on the expansion chamber. This will draw the flame to your material and light it. You should instantly see the chamber fill with smoke.

Step 3: Clear the Incredibowl Mini m420

When the chamber appears to be full with the amount of smoke you want pull on the Bowl Armor. This will let fresh air rush in and clear the expansion chamber. If you found the pull to be too big simply pull the Bowl Armor faster for less smoke.

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