Step 1: Slide open the Magic Flight

This thing is so easy to use I can’t even figure out a way to break it down into 5 steps. Slide open the top part of the vaporizer, exposing the herb chamber.

Step 2: Pack the Magic Flight

Place your ground up herb into the space provided over the screen and slide the top part closed again. You can fill a decent amount in there without having to worry about over-packing it and wasting material.

Step 3: Begin use of the Magic Flight

Now take the positive end of the battery and place it into the hole on the side of the vape, push it in until it reaches the end. Wait literally 5 seconds and draw the vapor out of the inside of the chamber. The slider on top is clear so you can see the vapor instantly build up.

Tip: The Magic Flight is so incredibly easy to use there aren’t many tips to give. But you definitely want to pick up some additional rechargeable batteries for the Magic Flight. The ones provided won’t last very long while in use.

If you haven’t read the review of the Launch Box launch yourself over to the link! You can find it here. Thinking about ordering this vaporizer? Before you order the Magic Flight, compare prices and vendors!

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