Step 1: Pack the Solarizer

First place the ground up herb on the hot plate of the Solarizer. Don’t put big chunks because they will end up burning if they are too big. I can’t stress enough to really really grind your herb. Any chunks of herb that are even medium sized will burn with this vaporizer.

Step 2: Heat up the Solarizer

Next position yourself under direct sunlight to have the vape begin to heat up the hot plate and begin vaporizing the herb. You have to make sure you are getting a lot of direct sunlight. If it is even slightly cloudy then you will not get the vape to work.

Step 3: Begin use of the Solarizer

Finally when you see enough vapor just pull from the whip that is attached to the vape and enjoy. Make sure you give the vape a decent amount of time to vaporize, hitting it too soon will result in a small hit.

Tip: Using this vape can be difficult at times. It is essentially using a magnifying glass to vaporizer the herb and create vapor so you are going to need plenty of sunlight to get it working. Also I found that holding it at a slight angle will definitely help the process along instead of holding it straight up and down.

If you haven’t read the review of the Solarizer Vaporizer you need to do that immediately. You can find the Solarizer review here. Compare prices and vendors for the Solarizer before you buy.

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