Step 1: Pack the VaporBat Vaporizer

First place your finely ground herb into the ceramic core of the VaporBat. Spread it evenly over the surface area so you aren’t wasting any of the herb. Of course be careful not to pack too much in there, especially since the VaporBat Vaporizer is so small.

Step 2: Heat the VaporBat Vaporizer

Light the VaporBat by holding a butane torch or lighter to the fuel intake hole. As mentioned in the review for the Vaporbat Vaporizer, you have to hold it there a little longer than normal due to aluminum absorbing more heat than say wood or glass. This is great because it is going to greatly reduce your chance of burning your herb and thus wasting it.

Step 3: Stir the VaporBat Vaporizer

Stir the herb in the VaporBat frequently to get the most of your herb. When done simply dispose of the used herb and replace it, repeating the previous steps for continued use.

If you haven’t read the review of the VaporBat I think you should do so immediately, you can find it here. Want to see how much the VaporBat Vaporizer will run you? Compare prices and vendors for the VaporBat Vaporizer.

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