Step 1: Pack the Volatizer VM2

The use of the Volatizer VM2 is pretty straight forward. First you are going to ground up your herb and place it in the bowl they give you. Now put the herb into the bowl and slide the bowl into your water pipe’s stem. Make sure your herb is evenly distributed in the bowl to help it from not burning.

Step 2: Heat up the Volatizer VM2

When the herb is in there and you’ve put it in your water pipe’s steam you can plug in the VM2. Give it a couple minutes to warm up before using though because you will just be wasting herb before then. Once you’ve waited a little bit you can place the VM2 securely over the bowl. Make sure the end of the VM2 is covering the entire top of the bowl piece.

Step 3: Begin use of the Volatizer VM2

You’ll see it start to build the vapor into the water pipe. Once it is about half full with vapor pull the VM2 off of the bowl and clear the water pipe. Continue until the herb is done, replace it, and repeat the previous steps to continue your session.

Tip: It is absolutely important that you have the entire end of the VM2 covering the entire top of the bowl piece. Any extra space and not only will it not vaporize properly but you will also be wasting vapor.

If you haven’t read the review of the Volatizer VM2 then I have to say I am a bit upset. You can find it here. Thinking about ordering this vaporizer? Before you do, compare prices and vendors for the Volatizer VM2

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