Step 1: Turn on the Hot Box

Turn on the Hot Box and wait for it to reach it’s set temperature. The vape automatically sets it to their recommended temperature. You have the ability to change this but I found that their recommended setting suited me fine.

Step 2: Pack the Hot Box

Now pack your grounded herb into the bowl piece of the glass wand. Like most vaporizers, they¬† recommends that you only fill the bowl piece about 1/3 of the way so you don’t waste any herb.

Step 3: Attach the Hot Box whip

You’re going to want to do sort of a gentle twisting motion when attaching the glass wand to the hole in the front of the vape that contains the nichrome ceramic heating element. It isn’t rough to get one it just helps.

Step 4: Begin use of the Hot Box

This begins the vaporization process. Draw as much vapor from it as is comfortable for you and continue throughout the session. You’ll find that the vapor stays consistent throughout because the vape doesn’t lose any temperature.

Step 5: Refill the Hot Box

Once the herb is kicked, simply take the whip off with another twisting motion and discard the herb. Replace the herb with freshly ground herb and repeat the previous steps.

Tip: This vape tends to heat up on the outside a substantial amount, so when moving it during use keep that in mind and use something to pick it up or move it.

If you haven’t read the review of the Hot Box can you please explain to me what you’re waiting for? You can find it here. Want to get this vaporizer? Be smart and compare prices and vendors for the Hot Box before you decide!

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