Step 1: Fill the butane chamber of the Iolite

First you have to fill the butane chamber of the Iolite. The hole to insert butane is on top of the vape, next to the mouthpiece. Be sure not to put too much butane in, you’ll be able to tell when it is full because it will sort of stop flowing in and give some resistance. After it’s filled let it sit for three to five minutes.

Step 2: Ignite the Iolite

Now turn the dial on the side from the zero position to the one position. Now press the igniter button, this will activate the flameless gas heater and begin to heat it up. You’ll see an orange light on the side that stays lit until it is heated up, at which point it turns off letting you know it’s good to go.

Step 3: Fill the Iolite

Now take your ground up herb and open up the herb chamber that is at the top of the vape. Fill it evenly with herb and place it back into the vape.

Step 4: Attach the whip extension to the Iolite

Once it’s back in place it will begin vaporizing. From here I suggest you attach the longer whip style extension to the vape because it won’t heat up as fast as the normal mouth piece. This makes the vape slightly larger but still very portable.

Step 5: Begin use of the Iolite

Begin pulling with slow steady breathes to get the vapor flowing. When done remove the herb chamber again and discard of the vaporized herb and repeat the previous steps to continue vaporizing.

Tip: Always use the vapor whip extension when using this vape. It will guarantee a cooler vapor while using it and also you won’t run the risk of burning your lips.

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