Step 1: Turn on the Natural Goods Vaporizer

First plug in and turn on the vape, setting it to the desired temperature. Immediately after you do this place the heavy duty glass whip into the opening in the front of the vaporizer.

Step 2: Pack the Natural Goods Vaporizer

Once heated up, grind your herb and remove the glass whip from the opening. Place the herb into the bowl piece of the whip to about a 1/3rd of it’s maximum capacity.

Step 3: Attach the Natural Goods Vaporizer whip

Now hold the mouthpiece end of the whip until the medium sized fan starts to push the vapor out at a slow steady pace.

Step 4: Begin use of the Natural Goods Vaporizer

While inhaling you’ll want to remove the vaporizer end of the whip right when you’re done inhaling to clear the tube completely.

Step 5: Refill the Natural Goods Vaporizer

When done simply empty out the vaporized herb and repeat the previous steps until you’re done with the session.

Tip: Make sure you remove the end of the whip from the Natural Goods Vaporizer each time you hit it because it will clear the tube. When you don’t do this you will be wasting a lot of vapor and in turn, your herb.

If you haven’t read the review of the Natural Goods Vaporizer I won’t call you crazy, but I’m thinking it. You can find it here. Considering purchasing this vaporizer? Compare prices and vendors for the Natural Goods Vaporizer before you buy!

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