Step 1: Turn on the Ultimate Vapor Machine

The Ultimate Vapor Machine is used pretty much exactly like any other box style vaporizer. Adjust the temperature knob to around 350 degrees, as this is the recommended setting. While smoking you can change it around to find what temperature best suits you of course. The Ultimate Vapor Machine takes about 6 to 7 minutes to heat up which is a bit of a long wait but again, you get what you pay for.

Step 2: Pack the Ultimate Vapor Machine

Now Grind up your herb in preparation to be placed into the bowl piece of the whip. Place the herb in the bowl piece and don’t fill it up more than a 3rd of the way because at that point you will be wasting herb and in turn, money.

Step 3: Attach the Ultimate Vapor Machine whip

Next Place the bowl end of the whip onto the ceramic heating element. It should fit perfectly like most vapes do. This will begin the vaporization progress.

Step 4: Begin use of the Ultimate Vapor Machine

Gently pull for about 10 or 15 seconds giving the vapor a chance to build up in the bottom of the whip. After that start pulling harder and you should get a decent amount of vapor. Also adjust the temperature while smoking if you find the vapor to be too harsh or not good tasting.

Step 5: Refill the Ultimate Vapor Machine

When done simply remove the whip from the soldering iron heating element and discard the left over herb. Then replace it with more herb, finely ground up, and repeat the previous steps until you’re done the session.

Tip: Be sure to not overfill this vape’s herb chamber. I found it easy to do so without thinking I had. So first time around use a little less than you normally would.

If you haven’t read the review of the Ultimate Vapor Machine than you ultimately are not as informed as you should be! You can find it here. Thinking about ordering this vaporizer? Before you order the Ultimate Vapor Machine, compare prices and vendors!

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