Step 1: Turn on the V-Tower

Turn the V-Tower on which will immediately begin the heating process. Once it is on adjust the temperature to your desired number and wait about two minutes for the vape to heat up.

Step 2: Pack the V-Tower and Attach the Whip

Just like the Extreme-Q, it shows the desired temperature and the actual temperature up to the second so you will know when it is heated up and ready to go. Place the grinded herb into the bowl piece and place it on the glass heating element before beginning the heating process. Then simply attach the whip. 

Step 3: Use of the V-Tower

Once you have attached the whip and the V-Tower has been brought up to temperature and allowed to “marinate” for approximately 5-10 minutes, begin to inhale from the whip. It may take a few steady pulls to get the thick vapor at first but once it makes it through the tube the vapor will stay dense throughout use. The whip is extra long for better reach and also it ensures the vapor to be extra cool when it reaches you.

Repacking the V-Tower

Finally, discard of the used herb when you’re done and fill it back up. Reinsert the whip attachment and repeat the previous steps allowing just a few minutes of “marinating” time for each new pack before taking your first pull off of it.

Tip: When using the V-Tower start with the recommended temperature of about 380 F and work down from there. We do, however, recommend going no lower than 365 F for best results. 

If you haven’t read the review of the V-Tower then shame on you! You can find it here. Wanna see how much this vaporizer costs? Compare prices and vendors for the V-Tower.

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