Step 1: Turn on the Vapir One

First you will want to heat up the Vapir One and make sure to set it to H (high) at all times otherwise the unit can tend to overheat.

Step 2: Pack the Vapir One

Once heated to the desired temperature fill the herb disc with finely grinded herb and insert it into the VOA once the light turns from red to green. Obviously green means go, amongst other things…

Step 3: Fill the Vapir One ballons or attach whip

Now you will either start filling your balloons or choose to do direct inhalation with the provided hose. I usually prefer balloon to a whip but I had a good experience with both with the Vapir One.

Step 4: Empty out the Vapir One

After you’ve used the VOA and it is time to add more herb make sure you use the tweezers they provide in the packaging to remove the disc because it will be really hot.

Step 5: Refill the Vapir One

Finally shake out the disc and let it fall into a bowl or maybe a plugged sink and continue to add more herb as desired.

Tip: Although you can hold the vape in your hand I found it most comfortable when placing it on a table top while using the whip attachment.

If you haven’t read the review of the Vapir One v5.0 hurry up and check it out here. Considering purchasing this vaporizer? Compare prices and vendors for the Vapir One before you buy!

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