Step 1: Turn on the Vapir Oxygen Mini

First either plug in the unit or insert the battery and turn the Vapir Oxygen Mini on. After it’s on make sure you remove the top of the vape during the heating process.

Step 2: Heat up the Vapir Oxygen Mini

Set the temperature to your desired level on the Vapir Oxygen Mini, the recommended setting is between 350 and 375 degrees. I found that 350 degrees gave me the best results with my herb. Of course that’s me and you should try different levels and see which best suites you.

Step 3: Pack the Vapir Oxygen Mini

Next grind your herb up and grab the long spoon that came with the Vapir Oxygen Mini. You’re going to scoop herb into the center of the vape until it is right around halfway full. You’ll get a longer session without wasting any herb.

Step 4: Begin use of the Vapir Oxygen Mini

Now put the top mouthpiece back on the vaporizer and turn clockwise to fasten it on. Now you are ready to begin inhaling. Draw slow steady hits from it until you have a nice steady flow of vapor.

Step 5: Refill the Vapir Oxygen Mini

When you’re done use the long spoon again to scoop out the used vaporized herb. Just be careful when removing herb not to damage the screen. It’s not easy to damage but something you should keep in mind. Refill and follow the previous steps as desired.

Tip: Be very careful not to damage the screen as mentioned above when scooping out the herb. It can be done pretty easily.

If you haven’t read the review of the Oxygen Mini than you might look silly at the office water cooler. You can find it here. Ready to see the best places you can buy this vaporizer? Compare prices and vendors for the Vapir Oxygen Mini.

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