Step 1: Remove the cap of the Vapman

First remove the cap by twisting it off and insert the funnel tube that is packaged with the vape in the egg looking container it is stored in.

Step 2: Pack the Vapman

Next you will want to finely grind your herb. Pinch a decent amount into the bowl screen piece at the top of the Vapman, inside the funnel tube. Of course make sure you don’t fill it completely as you don’t want to waste any herb.

Step 3: Cap the Vapman

Now remove the funnel tube once the herb is in place. Put the cap back on the vape and clean off any extra herb that might be on the outside. The reason this is important is any herb on the outside is just going to burn away and leave some resin on there that might be hard to get off. You don’t want to ruin the nice hand made finish on your Vapman.

Step 4: Light the Vapman

Begin to heat the bottom of the Vapman and do so for about 15 to 20 seconds. This is going to heat the herb up and being the vaporization process. Hold the torch to the vape for as long as is necessary but don’t hold it long enough where you burn the herb. This is a timing thing that might take you a couple attempts but you will soon get a feel for how much is too much.

Step 5: Begin use of the Vapman

Pull the torch away for a couple seconds and then heat it again for an additional 3 to 5 seconds and begin to inhale from the mouthpiece slowly. You can pick up speed of inhalation after about 5 seconds. When done take off the cap and repeat the previous steps until the session is done.

Tip: Make sure you do not heat the bottom of the vape for too long because you will risk burning the herb instead of vaporizing it. You will immediately know if you have burnt it by the taste of the vapor.

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