Step 1: Turn on the Vapolution 2.0

Take your Vapolution power adapter and connect it to the back of the vape, then plug that into the wall. Now flip the green switch up to the on position and you should see the switch light up. This means the vape is on and ready to be heated up.

Step 2: Heat up the Vapolution 2.0

Now that the Vapolution is turned on you want to adjust the temperature dial so it can begin heating up. The best place to start in my opinion is at 12 o’clock. This is going to give you a nice temp to start at so you can then further adjust it either higher for thicker vapor or lower for a thinner and cooler vapor. Just don’t go too low or too high because then you will either not have it hot enough to vaporize or so hot it will burn your material. The chart to the right is a perfect example.

Step 3: Pack the Vapolution 2.0 whip

About 1 inch from the end of the bowl end of the whip is a small “dimple” that works like a screen for the whip. This is where you want to pack your material. Be sure not to grind your material too fine because then it can slip past that “dimple” I just mentioned. Vapolution actually recommends you use “pods” of your material rather than grinding it at all. I still feel like grinding it at least a little bit helps get the most out of your material.

Step 4: Begin use of the Vapolution 2.0

Now that the bowl end of the whip is all packed up you want to slip the retaining washer about 3 inches from the “dimple” where your material is packed. After that simply drop the loaded bowl end into the top of the Vapolution. Give it about 10 seconds before you start to pull, this gives the some time to build some vapor.

Step 5: Clear out the Vapolution 2.0

Once you are finished remove the bowl end of the whip from the Vapolution and blow into the mouthpiece end of the whip. This will push the material out of the bowl so you can pack it again or put it away.

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