Step 1: Turn on the Vapolution

First turn on the Vapolution. Turn the temperature knob all the way up to high for about 5 minutes to get it heated up and ready to go. When heated, turn the knob back to about 12 o’clock, that is the recommended setting.

Step 2: Pack the Vapolution

Next you want to make sure you do not grind your herb. Place it in small pieces into the dimple end of the glass tubing. This is going to take some practice because you can overload it because vapor won’t be able to pass through and you can’t under load it because it can all fall out into the vaporizer.

Step 3: Attach the Vapolution whip

Insert the packed end of the glass tubing into the top of the vaporizer making sure it doesn’t touch the bottom, or end up resting on the heating element. You need to put the white retaining washer over the packed end to make sure the glass tubing doesn’t touch the bottom.

Step 4: Begin use of the Vapolution

Now take the mouthpiece end and wait about five seconds and then begin to pull. You’ll notice with this vape that it takes less of a hard pull to get the vapor flowing. This is because of the glass on glass heating element, it produces more vapor slightly faster.

Step 5: Refill the Vapolution

When done remove the glass tubing from the top of the vaporizer and then blow into the mouth piece with moderate force to remove the vaporized herb. Insert more herb and repeat the preceding steps.

Tip: Make sure you put the white rubber washer on the end of the glass whip that is inserted into the Vapolution. Without it the whip will hit the bottom of the vaporizer and you won’t get as good of a vaporizing experience.

If you haven’t read the review of the Vapolution Vaporizer beware, they’re all gonna laugh at you! You can find it here. Wanna see how much this vaporizer costs? Compare prices and vendors for the Vapolution.

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