Step 1: Turn on the Vapor Tower

First turn the temperature knob about ¾ of the way to full. If it were a clock you would be going for about 3 o’clock. Let it heat up, which will take about five to seven minutes generally, which is a little on the long side but not too bad.

Step 2: Pack the Vapor Tower

Now unscrew the bowl and place the herb inside. Make sure you lay the herb evenly over the screen so you aren’t wasting any herb.

Step 3: Place the bowl onto the Vapor Tower

Next screw the bowl back together holding the rubber part of it. Make sure you don’t touch the glass end of the whip as it does tend to heat up.

Step 4: Begin use of the Vapor Tower

Put the bowl end on top of the vertical ceramic heating element. This will begin the process of vaporizing the herb. Take a few slow hits to get the vapor going. You’ll want to try out different ways of hitting it, fast, slow, or a little in between to get the feel for the vape.

Step 5: Refill the Vapor Tower

After that you are going to wait until the herb has run it’s course, replace it making sure you only touch the rubber part of the bowl end of the whip and repeat use.

Tip: When pulling from the Vapor Tower be sure to not inhale too quickly, it can force the herb to vaporize faster and you might end up with more vapor than you can handle at once.

If you haven’t read the review of the Vapor Tower then I must inform you there are no towers to climb to find it. You can find it here. Want to get this vaporizer? Be smart and compare prices and vendors for the Vapor Tower before you decide!

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