Step 1: Turn on the VaporBox

Turn on the VaporBox and set it to the temperature you want to vaporize at. I found that going no lower than 325 degrees and no higher than 345 degrees Fahrenheit worked best.

Step 2: Pack the VaporBox

Grind up your herb finely like usual and pack it into the bowl piece at the end of the vapor whip. Of course don’t pack it too much because you will just be wasting herb at that point.

Step 3: Place the bowl piece onto the heating element of the VaporBox

Take the bowl piece that you just packed with herb and place it over the center cut hole of the ceramic heating element. This will start the vaporizing process.

Step 4: Begin use of the VaporBox

Now that the bowl piece is placed over the heating element you will want to take the glass mouthpiece end of the vapor whip and start to pull from the whip.

Step 5: Refill the VaporBox

When you start to get that kind of burnt popcorn flavor it is time to ditch the herb and repack the vape. Remove the bowl piece from the heating element and blow out the mouthpiece to fully clear the whop of herb.

Before making a final decision, read our VaporBox Vaporizer review. If you aren’t sure where to purchase a VaporBox Vaporizer you should compare prices and vendors for it.

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