Vaporite: Step 1

Adjust the temperature knob to your desired setting. The vape only takes about 3 minutes to heat up like I said. You shouldn’t run into it taking any longer than that.

Vaporite: Step 2

Grind up your herb extra fine so you don’t end up wasting any. Place the herb in the bowl piece and don’t fill it up more than a 1/3 of the way. Filling at any more and you will just be over packing it and wasting a lot of your herb. You’ll be able to tell pretty easily when you have packed too much herb.

Vaporite: Step 3

Place the bowl end of the whip onto the ceramic heating element. It should fit perfectly on there and feel set. This will start the vaporization process. Also check every now and then that the end of the whip that attaches to the heating element isn’t slipping off. If it is it will be letting a lot of vapor out and you will be wasting herb.

Vaporite: Step 4

Gently pull for about 10 seconds giving the vapor a chance to build up. After that start pulling harder and you should get a decent amount of vapor. Also adjust the temperature while smoking if you find the vapor to be too harsh or not good tasting.

Vaporite: Step 5

When you’re done simply remove the whip from the ceramic heating element and discard the left over herb. Then replace it with more herb and repeat the previous steps until you’re done the session.

Tip: Be careful not to crank the Vaporite too high temperature wise. Not only will you burn your herb but the vape may over heat easily at a high temperature.

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