In this section we are going to give you easy to follow instructions and directions on how to use the Vriptech Heat Wand (VHW 3.0).

Vriptech Heat Wand

Always set-up your VHW on a surface that can withstand the extra heat the heat wand and it's stand gives off.

Step 1: Heat Up First

It will take your VHW 7-10 minutes (we wait a full 15) to get up to optimal temperature, so it makes sense to get the wand heating before prepping your water tool and herbal material. Your glass heat cover should already be attached to your Heat Wand at this point but if not slip it on and screw it in place.  Be sure to use the included washers to stop the screw from making contact with the glass. After you plug in the Heat Wand turn the dial with the circular red arrow clockwise as far as it can go. Then place the Heat Wand tip down into the glass stand. If you did not purchase the glass stand (highly recommended) then a tall mug should work fine. Make sure the power cord is not tangled or bunched up and the VHW is not sitting near the edge of the table. If the Vriptech Heat Wand falls onto anything it will break instantly, except for maybe carpet which it will instantly start to burn. Always choose a spot for your “Vrip Station” (as we like to call it) carefully to avoid any unexpected breakage.

VHW 3.0

VHW 3.0 warmed up and ready to use!

Step 2: Get Everything Else Ready

Once the wand is heating up cold water and ice for your water tool and a grinder for your herb. Using a grinder will maximize the surface area of your herbs allowing you to get the most out of every vrip and the ice will cool your vapor for a more enjoyable experience.

Vriptech Bowl

The Vriptech bowl is deceivingly small but is designed to hold the perfect amount of herb.

Step 3: Pack the Vriptech Heat Wand

After your water tool is ready and your herb is finely ground pack the lower bowl to the top firmly and then carefully attach the upper intake to it. Then slide the lower bowl and upper intake back into the stem of your water tool.

Vriptech Upper Intake

Once your bowl is packed and the upper intake is attached you're ready for the wand.

Step 4: Heat Wand Technique

First remove the Heat Wand from the glass stand, or tall mug if you used that instead. Place the rubber tip of the Heat Wand into the large open end of the upper intake and hold it there for about 20 seconds. This is a vital first step and should not be overlooked.

Now take a firm steady pull until you see vapor start to build. Doing this “primes” the vaporizer system. Exhale this first small pull you get without removing the lower bowl from the water tool. Now your Vriptech is ready! Take your next pull and make this one as massive as you want. Just pull the Heat Wand up to carb when you’ve had your fill and it should take the upper intake and lower bowl with it as well, allowing fresh air in and clearing the vapor.


If the screen is sticky when you repack don't try to scrape it. The oils present will make the screen sticky and block airflow. Another few vrips will vape the oils and preserve the airflow.

Step 5: Stir or Repack the Vriptech Heat Wand

After you have taken one or two good pulls from the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 remove the upper intake exposing the herb chamber and give your material a light stir then pack down gently. This will get you at least one or two more good vrips. When you are done remove both the upper intake and the lower bowl. Empty out the used material and repack it if necessary. Turn the Heat Wand’s heat dial all the way down and place it back in the glass stand and unplug the power cord from the wall socket.


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