Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

Step 1: Turn on the Zephyr ION

First when you plug in the Zephyr Ion you will see the LED glow red, meaning it is on and ready to go. You’ll next want to set your desired temperature(between 360 and 380 degrees is recommended) and watch as the temperature counts up until it reaches the desired temperature and begins to glow green.

Step 2: Pack the Zephyr ION

Next, like with all vaporizers, you’ll want to grind up the herb and place it into the Zephyr Ion’s basket. Also make sure it is finely ground up as the more surface area means the better experience. Once the desired temperature is reached and the LED glows green you are going to open the lid to the Zephyr Ion and place the basket in the holder. Make sure you don’t pack too much herb into the basket as it can cause the lid to not shut properly.

Step 3: Start the Zephyr ION

Now that your Zephyr Ion is heated up and ready to go you’re going to press the Air button right above the Zephyr Ion logo.

Step 4: Fill the Zephy ION balloons

Wait about 5 seconds and then place a balloon on the valve. When the bag appears to be full press the Air button again to stop air flow. Fill as many bags as desired.

Step 5: Begin use of the Zephy ION

“Fly away on my zephyr” – time to enjoy! Like most vaporizers just press the balloon to your lips and inhale. When you’re finished turn the Zephyr Ion off by pressing the power button and it is recommended when the vape is off to also unplug it.

Tip: Don’t overfill your vapor balloons as they can in fact pop and that is the last thing you need. A good tactic is to stop when you see barely any wrinkles in the balloon.

If you haven’t yet read the review of the Zephyr ION what are you waiting for? You can find it here. Want to get this vaporizer? Be smart and compare Zephyr ION prices and vendors before you decide!

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