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The Ape Vape Nano and Ape Vape Desktop Vaporizers are unlike any other vaporizer you will see. It works in conjunction with a water pipe and uses a vaporizing computer, yes I just said vaporizing computer, to regulate the heat and vaporize the herb. The Desktop Ape Vape is a bit bigger than the Nano as it comes with a separate LED read out that attaches to the heating element and shows you the temperature at all times.

The Nano is the same as the desktop but is more compact and has the computer in the actual handle of the heating element instead of a separate LED read out and it is actually cheaper. By using the vaporizing computer the Ape Vape can pick up a temperature change immediately and put it back to your desired temperature.

It’s really hard to find a vaporizer that can deliver this consistent of a vaporizing experience every time. Also it should be of note that the Ape Vape Vaporizer has varying different sizes of bowls and can vaporize a significant amount more herb than other vaporizers. The LED read out and the heating element itself are both constructed of metal and feel sturdy.

What do I like about Ape Vape Vaporizers?

At first I looked at it and thought it might be more trouble than it is worth. But really that isn’t the case. It is easy to set up and the vaporizing experience it delivers would be worth the hassle even if it was hard to put together and work. The fact that I can say I own a vaporizer that has it’s own vaporizing computer is cool enough by itself.

Once you set the temperature you want and put the heating element over the bowl of your water pipe it is going to maintain that heat once it reaches it, the whole time, no matter what. It really is crazy how consistent the Ape Vape is. I would argue that if you like vaporizing and you own a water pipe then you have no reason not to get an Ape Vape Vaporizer.

Here is what comes with the Ape Vape Vaporizer:

  • Ape Vape Vaporizing Computer
  • Ape Vape Heating Element
  • Choice of a free 9, 12, 14, or 18mm Glass Adapter Bowl
  • Instruction Manual

Need help operating the Ape Vape Vaporizer? Read our easy step by step instructions.

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