The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 is the newest herbal vaporizer model from Arizer Tech and a direct upgrade over their previous V-Tower model that was widely popular. All in all the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 has seen 27+ upgrades over the previous model, with the “Q” standing for “Quiet Edition”.

The general rule is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so is the Extreme Q worth all the upgrades? Time to find out.

Extreme Q First Impressions

When opening up the box there are 2 cardboard boxes within. The first box on top had the instruction manual, which was very in depth, and all the accessories that come with it. There is a TON here. It has everything you could possibly need to use this vape and even some extras to keep it fresh.

The Arizer Extreme itself was in a box below that which had the power supply and the all important remote control. When removing the Extreme Q from the packaging I immediately noticed that the Extreme vape has been slimmed down into a stronger, sleeker “shell” and has been given a nice shiny dark-chrome finish for the new Q 4.0 edition and is smaller and lighter (extra bonus) than previous models.

The Arizer Q offers the user several ways of enjoying their favorite herbs. You have the choice of inflating a vapor bag/balloon with the 3-speed fan, inhaling the oh-so-tasty vapor directly through a “whip” extension at your own pace – or by utilizing the unique aromatherapy bowl included. So all these options are more than welcome. No matter what mood you are in the Extreme Q will have you covered.

If you use the 3" whip and an extra elbow adapter you can hook the Q up to a water tool.

If you use the 3″ whip and an extra elbow adapter you can hook the Q up to a water tool.

My First Q Experience

I turned on the vape, using the included remote, and set my temperature easily using the plus and minus buttons. Once it started heating up it didn’t take much more than about 3 minutes to reach my desired temperature.

The Extreme vaporizer produces smooth, dense and clean tasting vapor! My favorite vaporizing temp is 383F but heat setting and fan speed can and should be adjusted as necessary. I recommend allowing your Extreme Q 4.0 to heat with the herb chamber filled for 10 minutes before use, for the best results. A little practice and experimentation with the Q goes a very long way!

The LED temperature read makes the Extreme vaporizer easy to monitor the current/set temperature, fan speed, and more. At first I thought the remote was a frivolous novelty but it didn’t take long for me to realize just how much of a difference a remote for the Q makes.

The adjustable fan speed (another sleeper option) is *ideal* and makes it ridiculously easy to adjust the flow of vapor and find each user’s preference. I personally use the whip on my Extreme vaporizer without a fan at all for a long mellow solo session but I also use fan settings 1, 2, and 3 to inflate balloons or when there are multiple people sharing my Extreme vaporizer.

The Extreme Q 4.0 also has a glass on glass attachment at the top and effortlessly rotates 360 degrees for easy use with the whip or balloons. It’s a simple addition but one that you will immediately appreciate – especially with a houseful of people.

Arizer added a triple heat sensor as well. This ensures you are getting the temperature you set it to. It also heats up very fast, even quicker than the Volcano! They have also added an automatic shut off feature which seems to be getting added to more and more vaporizers these days. I assume that is just something to ensure I don’t burn my house down, which I wouldn’t put past myself, so thanks again Arizer!

Everything about the Extreme 4.0 so far is easy to use and has delivered top notch results. If this vape holds up anything like after my first use I will be one extremely (no pun intended) happy customer.

The Q's digital display shows your temp, the fan speed, and other useful info.

The Q’s digital display shows your temp, the fan speed, and other useful info.

After Consistent Use

After a few short months the Extreme Q and I are in a full fledged vaporizing relationship. Each use has been just as good as the last, if not better. The glass parts have been very easy to clean and didn’t require cleaning as often as I originally believed they would.

The ground glass connection that is used delivers one of the best vapor qualities you could ever imagine. This vape has been everything as advertised and more so far.

The manufacturer really went to great lengths to make this vaporizer as simple, efficient, and easy to use as they possibly could – and it really shows. In my opinion the convenience, quality, and precision the Extreme Q delivers is virtually unmatched in any other table top vaporizer available – even by the Volcano. In fact, it surprisingly surpasses the Volcano in several ways.

First, it has all the options a vaporizer should give you, such as balloon inflation OR direct inhalation through a vapor whip. Having the option, whether you use it or not, is always optimal. You may not need it but it is better to not want it and have it than not have it and want it. You never know when you might want to switch things up.

Secondly the addition of the remote is so awesome. I really underestimated it at first but once I realized how much easier it made everything I now can’t picture using the Arizer Extreme Q without the remote. It is just a tool to appease my laziness and it is much appreciated.

The Volcano may be more popular now, but I imagine once word gets out about the level of quality in which the Extreme Q operates the momentum will rapidly switch in the Extreme Q’s direction.

Make sure the vent on the Q is never blocked, it could lead to it overheating easily.

Make sure the vent on the Q is never blocked, it could lead to it overheating easily.

Final Word on the Arizer Extreme

If value, reliability, and efficiency are your primary concerns the Extreme Vaporizer is an excellent selection when it comes to choosing a balloon/bag inflating herbal vaporizer for you home. I have both the Volcano and Extreme Q and I use my Extreme Q much more frequently.

It is true that the Extreme Q can take a little bit of time and effort to master if you are new to vaporizing, but with not much more than week of daily use and you will have it down cold. The positive effects I felt from using the Extreme Q over a period of a few months was enough to make me decide to quit smoking my herbs and just vaporize full time.

I highly recommend the Extreme Q 4.0 vape and can do so in confidence. Aside from the few hundred hours I have spent using it myself, I have yet to meet the person who was disappointed with this vaporizer. In fact, most true vapor experts who have used both almost universally prefer the Extreme Q over the Volcano. Whether you choose with the balloon inflation or the vapor whip you will have a clean, consistent vaporizing experience each and every time.

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