Aroma Deluxe Vaporizer Review

The Aroma Deluxe Vaporizer is a hands free box style vaporizer that employs a ground glass whip system. The Aroma Deluxe is pretty new, as it has only been sold since 2009 so naturally it has some newer technology on it that you won’t see on a lot of other vapes.

Starting off with the thermo tube and ventilation ports connected to the vapes ceramic heating element. The ventilation ports help the Aroma Deluxe heat up faster than most vapes which it does. I found that the Aroma Deluxe would be ready to go in just under 2 minutes. For the whip they gave the Aroma Deluxe dual chambers so that when the herb is in the bowl it is elevated above the heating element.

The temperature is very user friendly with setting above the knob showing where it is best to set it to and showing where you would be risking overheating the Aroma Deluxe. The Aroma Deluxe doesn’t have a digital temperature readout but it still notifies you when your desired temperature is reached.

Below you can find everything that comes with the Aroma Deluxe:

  • Aroma Deluxe Vaporizer
  • Dual Chamber Vapor Whip
  • Instruction Manual

Also another nice feature is after 20 minutes of idle time the Aroma Deluxe will automatically shut itself off. I found that the thermo tube style whip produced nice thick hits each time. It comes with a bamboo outer shell and comes complete with a lifetime warranty.

What do I like about Aroma Deluxe Herbal Vaporizers?

For a box style vape the bamboo finish is nice the vape isn’t too big. I like that the Aroma has been around for a short time and you can tell because of the simple improvements over other box style vaporizers. From the user friendly temperature knob to the dual chamber whip this vaporizer is pretty solid.┬áIt might not blow you away like the Volcano or other top of the line vaporizers but it is very solid. I really like how fast it heats up.

Every time I used it there was only a wait of about a minute and a half to just under 2 minutes. The dual chamber whip that elevates the herb above the heating element really makes a difference, you get nice thick hits but it doesn’t make the vapor overbearingly harsh. This vape is extremely easy to use and is a great vaporizing experience. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is always more than welcome.

Check out the easy step by step instructions to using the Aroma Deluxe

I had a really good experience with this box vape. I’m hard pressed to find one I’ve enjoyed as much as this one. You get nice thick vapor every hit and the ventilation on the ceramic heating element really makes a difference when using the Aroma Deluxe Vaporizer.

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