The Atmos RAW looks like a simple e-cigarette setup for e-liquids that you are probably used to seeing in corner stores and other local places by now, but it is anything but. The Atmos RAW is a small pen sized vaporizer that has the ability to vaporize herbs, instead of just liquids and concentrates. The thought of a portable vaporizer that works with herbs that is that small is a lovely thought indeed, usually this amount of portability is reserved for e-cigs, well not anymore. Let’s take a closer look at everything the Atmos RAW offers.


Starting with the packaging, the Atmos RAW comes in a nice sturdy box with a close up of the front of the vape, Atmos logo on the side, and the back details the contents of the box. The packaging looks really nice and official and left a good first impression for me.

The Atmos RX each has its own colored light at the bottom to match the pen.

The Atmos RX each has its own colored light at the bottom to match the pen.

The Atmos is actually smaller than I even anticipated. I know it is technically a “pen vape” but still I always expect those to be larger than expected. With a vape this small I am expecting very discreet and very portable vaporizing sessions.

The build feels really nice and sturdy, not cheaply made in the least bit. All you can really see on the entire vaporizer it self is a small power button, which you press down to heat up the Atmos. Other than that there is a small mouthpiece tip at the end and a small Atmos logo under the power button. Honestly just by looking at it 9 out of 10 people will have no idea what it is exactly.

Going with the small design it is also very lightweight as well. Before even using it I stuck it in my pants pocket to see how it felt and I’m happy to report I barely noticed it. So based off look and feel alone if this thing vaporizes anywhere near the quality of some of the other portable leaders out there then we have a winner on our hands.

The Atmos runs on a rechargeable battery, so naturally included in the package there was a wall charger, but more interestingly there was also a USB charger as well. This opens up some possibilities that could make the Atmos even more portable. Such as not having any open plugs at your work desk, now you can easily charge it from a USB outlet you may have on your computer there. Also a lot of car chargers for other devices have USB connectivity so right there you can find yourself an easy car charger as well.

The Atmos RX's coil in action.

The Atmos RX’s coil in action.

Also included are some handy maintenance and cleaning tools. The cleaning brush and packing tool both seem to be made of high quality, unlike some other accessories you might find cheaply made and just thrown in for effect.

Overall the Atmos looks like the real deal, but looks can be deceiving, so it’s time to try it out.

First Time Use

The Atmos RAW boasts no heat up time, so technically I should be able to pack my material in the Atmos’ small heating chamber and be ready to rip. I decided to only put a small amount in the chamber to start off, this way I don’t break the thing immediately like I know I’m capable of.

Once it was packed in I reconnected the mouthpiece, held down the power button and started pulling. Right off the bat I knew something was up. I was definitely getting smoke, not vapor. I thought maybe I held the power button too long while pulling so I dialed that back. Still I was getting more smoke than vapor. There is no way to adjust how hot the Atmos gets so I couldn’t really figure out what exactly I was doing wrong, if anything.

It breaks down into 3 pieces: battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece cap.

After a little practice of basically pumping the power button instead of holding it down I got to a more comfortable place with the vapor quality. My first impression is that this might be a situation very similar to the Vape-Or-Smoke, that it is an awesome pipe, but not the best vaporizer.

The smoke and/or vapor travels through a ceramic filter and mesh screen before ever reaching the mouthpiece, so the you can expect a clean and fresh hit regardless of the smoke density.

You can’t deny the portability of the Atmos RAW. This thing doesn’t get overly hot when you are using it and this will fit in anyone’s pocket, even those skin tight girl’s jeans. I think of the possibilities of using this thing pretty much anywhere and I like that. As portable as my Arizer Solo is, it still can’t hold a candle to how small the Atmos RAW is. I definitely see some good possibilities vaping on the run with the Atmos.

After Consistent Use

After becoming a self proclaimed master of the Atmos RAW I must say that I do enjoy it. My only problem is the vapor quality isn’t nearly as good as most portable vaporizers. It is extremely easy to burn your material, but with practice you can get it working right. But that raises the point that you shouldn’t have to practice. This is true. But the way I now look at it is this; with any technology the bottom line is the smaller the item the more you usually sacrifice. So once you keep in the frame of mind that although it isn’t the best quality vapor, you now have the ability to vaporize in places and situations that you never would have otherwise.

Don’t worry about the packaging, Atmos makes sure the product is safe inside the box.

The outside of the Atmos has held up really well, but the herb chamber is something that needs a lot of maintenance. I highly highly recommend cleaning it each and every time after you use it. Leaving used material in there or letting it cake up in any way is going to become a major problem for you. I know this because I just recently spent upwards of 2 hours cleaning mine thoroughly.

I still love the Atmos’ size. It is just SO incredibly easy to take anywhere that it is hard to shun it because of the difficulty to get it properly vaporizing. I guarantee anyone who has been looking for a vape this tiny will put in the proper effort to get it working correctly.

Final Thoughts

There are both many pros and cons to this vaporizer, but in the end you have to weigh them with the whole grand scheme of things in mind. Yes, there is a slight learning curve to make sure you aren’t achieving combustion but when you have it working right, combined with its small portable size it is a combo that is hard to match.

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