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Where to Buy the Vapolution 2.0

The Vapolution 2.0 delivers a rich and smooth vapor as a result of its all glass on glass vaporization connection. The Vapolution 2.0 has vastly improved on the original Vapolution’s design, so if you already have the original it is time to purchase the upgrade. Before buying the Vapolution 2.0 be sure to compare the…

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Where to Buy the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0

The VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 is hands down the best way to get nothing but the finest, purest, and coolest vapor hit you can possibly imagine. If you have been looking to take vaporizing to the next level then you have been looking for the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0! When purchasing the VripTech Heat Wand…

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5 Easy Steps on How to Use the VripTech Heat Wand 3.0

In this section we are going to give you easy to follow instructions and directions on how to use the Vriptech Heat Wand (VHW 3.0). Step 1: Heat Up First It will take your VHW 7-10 minutes (we wait a full 15) to get up to optimal temperature, so it makes sense to get the…

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Where to Buy the Incredibowl Mini m420

The Incredibowl Mini m420 is the little brother of the Incredibowl i420, offering all the same great features as the i420 such as a cool and smooth smoking experience and superior durability, but all in a smaller more portable package. Before you purchase the Incredibowl Mini be sure to compare prices and vendors below. Find…

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Where to Buy the Incredibowl i420 Deluxe

Every Incredibowl i420 Deluxe Edition order comes jam packed with extra goodies to keep your Incredibowl as fresh as the day it arrived. The hard shell carrying case ensures there will be no breaking and makes transporting the Incredibowl as simple as can be. Before you buy the Incredibowl i420 Deluxe make sure you compare…

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Where to Buy the Incredibowl i420

The Incredibowl i420 is a revolutionary portable smoking device that delivers a smooth and cool smoke. Below are some prices compared across a variety of vendors where you can buy the Incredibowl. When you purchase the Incredibowl it is important to not only get the best deal possible, but find the fastest and most reliable…

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VripTech Heat Wand Review

VHW in action

At first glance, The VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 may look something like a light saber or some kind of futuristic hair straightener, but in reality this odd looking device is one of the best herbal vaporizers money can buy. The Vriptech vaporization system employs a heat wand in conjunction with a water tool in order to produce some of highest quality vapor extractions possible.

I say this with all honesty, no bias, I’m not getting paid to say this, THIS IS THE BEST VAPORIZER I HAVE EVER USED. Ever. Volcano? I don’t even know what that is. What makes this vape so friggin amazing? Lets dive right in.

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Vapolution 2.0

Vapolution 2.0 Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Vapolution 2.0 is a hands free glass on glass herbal vaporizer that actually has been marketed as a portable vape of sorts as well. The reason it is sometimes marketed as a portable vape is because of the fact it comes with a car charger and has a rechargeable battery available for purchase.

The Vapolution 2.0 is the newest model of the previous vape, the Vapolution, and is said to have improved upon multiple problems with the first. But is this vape just boasting portability and an improved vaping experience without delivering the goods? Well I guess that is what you are here to find out, isn’t it?

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Fumo Pipe Review

Fumo Pipe Review

Here I am again, reviewing another product that has no vaporizing capabilities to speak of. Is this becoming Pipe Sale? No, don’t worry I’m still in love with my vapes. But the Fumo Pipe is a pretty new smoking device that is extremely similar to the Incredibowl Mini m420.

I guess you could say it is similar to the Incredibowl i420 as well but the Fumo Pipe’s size is the exact size of the Incredibowl Mini (when both have their standard chambers attached). The Fumo Pipe vs Incredibowl debate is quickly headed for another Purple-Days vs Myrtlezap situation so I figured, just like I reviewed those two, I’d now review the Fumo Pipe as well and give you an idea of how it stacks up against the Incredibowl.

Let’s get to it.

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Incredibowl Mini m420 Review

I recently reviewed the Incredibowl i420 so I figured it is only right to rate the newer and smaller model, the Incredibowl Mini m420.

The Incredibowl Mini m420 is a smoke pipe designed to combat the most common complaint about the Incredibowl i420, which was it was a little too big to be completely portable and, unless you pony up for the Deluxe Edition that has the carrying case, wasn’t convenient enough to take it with you on the go.

Leave your rating or comment at the bottom of the page and rate the m420 if you’ve tried it. Here is my review of the Incredibowl Mini m420:

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