BC Vaporizer

The BC Vaporizer is a whip style vaporizer that implements a soldering iron heating element to vaporize. This vape is very affordable, usually around $70, but is not the best or most reliable vaporizer either. I found that it was inconsistent most of the time.

Having to put the herb directly on the soldering iron heating element often lead to me burning my blend unintentionally. Also the fact that there is no temperature control on the vape leads to more complications.

What do I like about the BC Vaporizer?

Not much to be honest. I guess if I picked one thing it would be the price? But honestly even a low price is difficult to use an excuse to buy this vape. I mean, it works and all, most of the time, but good luck not burning your blend.

Basically you have to turn the BC on, wait at least ten minutes for it to heat up and then drop the herb directly onto the heating element. Having the heating element actually come into contact with your blend is what is putting is putting at such great risk of burning, and usually does.

Here is what comes packaged with the BC Vaporizer:

  • BC Vaporizer
  • 2 Vapor Whips
  • Instruction Manual

I guess I am being a little tough on this vape but at the same time there are much better options available to you for a similar price.

If the BC Vaporizer is giving you trouble fight back with these quick step by step instructions on how to use this vape

I know I gave the BC Vaporizer a hard time, but after a couple uses you will probably come up with some tactic to make it work well. When working the vaporization experience is a decent one. The only thing is inconsistency may force you to not give the BC Vaporizer a chance, and I can’t blame you.

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Still not sure this vape is for you? Compare the BC Vaporizer to other whip vapes.

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