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Floating Away On A VapeXhale Cloud

Review I’ve had the VapeXhale Cloud on preorder for what feels like a damn eternity. Well, recently I received an email to purchase the Cloud and first I was like this, then I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I patiently waited a couple days for it to arrive and now that it has I knew…

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Plenty vs. viVape

Comparing the Plenty to the viVape 2 Recently I had acquired myself a brand new viVape Vaporizer, a new whip vaporizer with an innovative design and most notably touch screen controls. I quickly fell in love with the viVape’s quick and easy use and especially the whip method of vaporization it offered, going as far…

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Plenty Vape Review: The Real Deal

Components of the Plenty vaporizer

The mad scientists at Storz & Bickel are back on the scene and causing a stir with their brand new whip vaporizer called simply the “Plenty”. The Plenty Vape is hand held, but not portable, yet everyone is still pretty excited about this new vaporizer. I mean, the Volcano vape has been the big boss on the vaporizer scene ever since its release in early 2000 and is still widely considered the best bag/balloon vaporizer on the market.  So after over a decade you can bet anticipation waiting to see what would come our way next from S&B has grown immensely. With the new Plenty vaporizer it looks like Storz & Bickel is attempting  to take over the whip vaporizer market this time around. Now you know we here at Vaporizer Sale are not going to let the Plenty vape get by on name and reputation alone, so lets see if the Plenty lives up to our expectations in this review …

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VripTech Heat Wand Review

VHW in action

At first glance, The VripTech Heat Wand 3.0 may look something like a light saber or some kind of futuristic hair straightener, but in reality this odd looking device is one of the best herbal vaporizers money can buy. The Vriptech vaporization system employs a heat wand in conjunction with a water tool in order to produce some of highest quality vapor extractions possible.

I say this with all honesty, no bias, I’m not getting paid to say this, THIS IS THE BEST VAPORIZER I HAVE EVER USED. Ever. Volcano? I don’t even know what that is. What makes this vape so friggin amazing? Lets dive right in.

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Arizer Extreme Q Review


The Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 is the newest herbal vaporizer model from Arizer Tech and a direct upgrade over their previous V-Tower model that was widely popular. All in all the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 has seen 27+ upgrades over the previous model, with the “Q” standing for “Quiet Edition”.

The general rule is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so is the Extreme Q worth all the upgrades? Time to find out.

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Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is a healthy alternative to the traditional, medicinal, and ritualistic methods of smoking herbs. Like any vaporizer, the Volcano does not actually burn the herbs you put inside the vaporization chamber.

The Volcano was one of the first vaporizers on the market and remains the most popular by a rather large margin. But what makes the Volcano so great, if anything? Let’s tale a look at all its features.

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V-Tower Vaporizer Review

Arizer V-Tower Herbal Vaporizer Review The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer has gone through a transformation of sorts over the years. Originally the V-Tower was a dual functionality digital vape that was one of the first to include remote control operation, but after Arizer developed the new Extreme Q they stripped the V-Tower down to basically be…

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Zephyr ION Vaporizer Review

Zephyr ION Vaporizer

The Zephyr Ion is a compact, easy to use, relatively cheap vaporizer and is widely held in very high regard. Marketed as the “newest, hottest vaporizer on the market today” it seems to do everything possible to live up to that statement.

We ended up buying our Zephyr Ion from EZVapes. Their price was about a little lower than the other online vendors we checked plus the shipping was free and you got a free grinder, so we decided to go with them for this purchase. There were a few sites that listed the Zephyr vaporizer for sale but were out of stock at the time we were shopping. Although we don’t exclusively purchase from EZVapes this was not our first order. Order processing and delivery were smooth and uneventful.

The Zephyr’s sleek compact design it delivers on all fronts. It has all the usual features of other vaporizers but goes to different lengths to make it that much easier to use. For instance, when the Zephyr Ion is heating up the LED will glow green when it is ready to go.

Another thing that sets this herbal vaporizer apart from the rest is the 32 separate heat and air channels that separate the airflow from the heating coils – which significantly cuts down on harshness.

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