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HELOS Vape Pen Review

Today we’re going to be looking at the eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit, and that means we have a whole lot to cover as the extras in this particular all-inclusive package are extensive. So without further ado, let’s get to it. First up, the base unit itself. The HELOS is a precision-style concentrate-specific vape pen, meaning…

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DaVinci Vaporizer Review

The DaVinci Vaporizer


I have to be honest, I judged a book by its cover when I first saw the DaVinci. I thought it looked like a piece of crap and didn’t expect much. Of course I wouldn’t completely trash it without trying it though.

Despite my first impressions of what I saw online I bought one anyway in the name of the greater good. After having spent a decent amount of time with the DaVinci vaporizer here is what I thought.

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Atmos RAW

Review The Atmos RAW looks like a simple e-cigarette setup for e-liquids that you are probably used to seeing in corner stores and other local places by now, but it is anything but. The Atmos RAW is a small pen sized vaporizer that has the ability to vaporize herbs, instead of just liquids and concentrates….

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Hands On Vapor BLUNT Vaporizer Review

Overview Ah finally, a combination of two of my favorite things a vaporizer and a blunt. Now the Vapor BLUNT and a blunt share little in common other than shape, but the name alone drew me in like a moth to light. With the release of the Arizer Solo I have pretty much disregarded any…

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Fumo Pipe Review

Fumo Pipe Review

Here I am again, reviewing another product that has no vaporizing capabilities to speak of. Is this becoming Pipe Sale? No, don’t worry I’m still in love with my vapes. But the Fumo Pipe is a pretty new smoking device that is extremely similar to the Incredibowl Mini m420.

I guess you could say it is similar to the Incredibowl i420 as well but the Fumo Pipe’s size is the exact size of the Incredibowl Mini (when both have their standard chambers attached). The Fumo Pipe vs Incredibowl debate is quickly headed for another Purple-Days vs Myrtlezap situation so I figured, just like I reviewed those two, I’d now review the Fumo Pipe as well and give you an idea of how it stacks up against the Incredibowl.

Let’s get to it.

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Incredibowl Mini m420 Review

I recently reviewed the Incredibowl i420 so I figured it is only right to rate the newer and smaller model, the Incredibowl Mini m420.

The Incredibowl Mini m420 is a smoke pipe designed to combat the most common complaint about the Incredibowl i420, which was it was a little too big to be completely portable and, unless you pony up for the Deluxe Edition that has the carrying case, wasn’t convenient enough to take it with you on the go.

Leave your rating or comment at the bottom of the page and rate the m420 if you’ve tried it. Here is my review of the Incredibowl Mini m420:

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Wispr Vaporizer

Wispr Portable Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Wispr is a brand new portable herbal vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler, who are the creators of the I-Inhale later well known as the Iolite. The Iolite has always been a very popular portable vaporizer despite the fact that there are much better portable vapes out there for less money.

Word of mouth and ignorance can be a volatile combination. OK I think I’m being a little harsh but to me the Iolite was a decent vape that didn’t hold up over time.

So here is their next effort which promises a better vaping experience as well as an improved design that corrects many gripes people had with the Iolite. Let’s undress the Wispr, shall we?

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Incredibowl i420 Deluxe

Incredibowl i420 Review

The Incredibowl i420 is NOT a vaporizer, so what is it doing on Vaporizer Sale? Well, the Incredibowls are said to deliver such a smooth smoking experience that many have compared it to vaporizing.

I’ll try to be as objective as possible in explaining the i420’s different attributes and how they compare or differ from vaporizing so by the end of this review you have an idea of whether or not the Incredibowl pipe is right for you.

If you own or have used the Incredibowl i420 feel free to submit your ratings, reviews, and tips after reading.

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Magic Flight Launch Box Accessories

The Magic Flight Launch Box has a couple different options for you to make your experience with it better and easier. The Magic Flight is extremely easy to use to begin with but having some accessories to make it a little easier can never hurt. Magic Flight Draw Whip The draw whip is hands down…

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