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DaVinci Vaporizer Review

The DaVinci Vaporizer


I have to be honest, I judged a book by its cover when I first saw the DaVinci. I thought it looked like a piece of crap and didn’t expect much. Of course I wouldn’t completely trash it without trying it though.

Despite my first impressions of what I saw online I bought one anyway in the name of the greater good. After having spent a decent amount of time with the DaVinci vaporizer here is what I thought.

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Atmos RAW

Review The Atmos RAW looks like a simple e-cigarette setup for e-liquids that you are probably used to seeing in corner stores and other local places by now, but it is anything but. The Atmos RAW is a small pen sized vaporizer that has the ability to vaporize herbs, instead of just liquids and concentrates….

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Hands On Vapor BLUNT Vaporizer Review

Overview Ah finally, a combination of two of my favorite things a vaporizer and a blunt. Now the Vapor BLUNT and a blunt share little in common other than shape, but the name alone drew me in like a moth to light. With the release of the Arizer Solo I have pretty much disregarded any…

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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a very small portable herbal vaporizer that is probably regarded as not only one of the most popular portable vaporizers, but also one of the best. Obviously its high quality has a lot to do with it being popular but it is also very inexpensive, making it a great buy for someone not sure about vaporizing.

After seeing so much about the Magic Flight Launch Box I had to pick one up for myself and see what it was all about.

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