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EZVapes Vaporizer Shop Review


A relatively new vendor, EZVapes has everything one would need when they are looking for the best place to buy a vaporizer. Most importantly they offer same-day shipping on all orders that are processed during business hours. EZVapes also makes it very easy to contact them. They have a phone line that is open from 10am to 7:30pm eastern time and they are also easily reachable by email. I placed a call to EZVapes and was greeted by a friendly representative who spoke clear English, which is not always the case as you may know.

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Like most other sites you will find all the essential customer service elements and 1percent. There are multiple ways to reach someone, depending on your preference. They have a contact form, phone number, and an address to send them mail all listed on the site. Another nice addition is an order status request option. You enter your email and order id number and can receive a prompt response on the status of your order. Their frequently asked questions page was laid out really well and was very informative. Any time a FAQ page can answer your questions without you having to contact them it is always a plus. As far as returns are concerned they have a

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VaporStore Vaporizer Shop Review

VaporStore Customer Service:

I must say VaporStore has a lot of options for a customer in need. Most importantly is they have a very informative frequently asked questions page. To me you can’t beat a well written FAQ page because 99 out of 100 times you will find the answer to your question without having to send an email or call anyone. They also have a ticket system where you submit a question and are basically told when it will be answered by. I put in a question and got a response in less than an hour. For those who like to actually speak to someone they do have a toll free phone number open 9 to 5 PST. As far as after you have placed your order, they do have tracking on their packages, which are boxed and billed discretely. Where they really excel is they have a repair center. Yes, a repair center. You can send in an old vape that hasn’t been working right, or hasn’t been working at all, and they will fix it for you. Really love this feature.

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VaporizerGiant Vaporizer Shop Review

Variety and Selection of Vapes

Vaporizer Giant has the usual selection of vapes and does a decent job at helping you find what you need. They have it categorized two different ways actually. First you could select by Top Rated, Digital, Hands Free, and Cheap or (the more helpful way in my opinion) you can select by Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low, Style: Balloon, Style: Hands Free, Style: Combination (both hands free AND Balloon like the Vapir Air One 5.0 Vaporizer), and recommended vaporizers by Vaporizer Giant.

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GotVape Vaporizer Shop Review

GotVape Vendor Review

Got Vape offers a range of customer service to make sure you are never left in the dark on an order. You can track your order right from the website, instead of having to go to a UPS page, and they also have their return policy very accessible. One thing I liked about the page was when you first order you set up an account with them so that when you return to order again it cuts out filling out all the payment and delivery information, unless it has to be changed of course.

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