I have to be honest, I judged a book by its cover when I first saw the DaVinci. I thought it looked like a piece of crap and didn’t expect much. Of course I wouldn’t completely trash it without trying it though.

Despite my first impressions of what I saw online I bought one anyway in the name of the greater good. After having spent a decent amount of time with the DaVinci vaporizer here is what I thought.

The DaVinci Vaporizer

The DaVinci fits in your pocket, is stealth and has storage making it the ultimate outdoor vape. I shot these images when I took the DaVinci along on a bike ride in a local park. 😉



My initial negative reaction to the DaVinci herbal vaporizer was based 100% on looks alone, I hadn’t really even read the features list yet. That isn’t really like me, but this thing really looks like a walkie-talkie so I was kind of underwhelmed. Anyway, the packaging for the DaVinci was really nice. Everything that comes with the DaVinci portable vaporizer is stored neatly in this black tin case with the DaVinci logo printed on it. Think of it as a larger version of the tin that comes with the Magic Flight. Slowly my low expectations were rising.

Once I cracked the tin open I went right for the DaVinci itself. Just based off look and feel alone it immediately left a better impression than what I had seen online. This thing is well made and very comfortable to hold. First I connected the threaded mouthpiece on top of the vaporizer. Usually I am not a fan of threaded mouthpieces because they can easily get crap in the threading and stick, making it extremely hard to screw on and off. It remains to be seen if that will be a problem with the DaVinci, but obviously I have my concerns.

The DaVinci is roughly the same shape as the Wispr, but skinnier and smaller which is of course a plus (did I mention you don’t need butane?). Also similar to the Wispr I like the bendable material the mouthpiece is made of. Examining the outside of the DaVinci you will find 3 face buttons: temp up, temp down, and a heat button. Pretty much the same exact thing you are working with when using the Vapir NO2. Also just like the NO2, there is a power switch on the side of the DaVinci so it doesn’t accidentally heat up when you don’t want it to. So first you have to turn on the power switch on the side, then you press the heat button to have the DaVinci vaporizer begin to heat up. Small details like this are usually point to a good vaporizer, so we are off to a good start.

Here you can see the mini brush and storage compartment inside the DaVinci.

Here you can see the mini brush and storage compartment inside the DaVinci.

This brings me to the digital temperature display. There is a small LED read out that shows the vape’s current temperature, unless of course you are adjusting your desired temp which in that case it shows what temperature you are adjusting to before reverting back to its current temp. Also on the display is the battery level. The DaVinci is advertised at around 45-60 minutes of vaporization time, so with a smaller window of battery life, compared to the Arizer Solo anyway, it is good to have the battery level showing in real time. Hopefully it isn’t as unreliable like the Vapir NO2’s battery gauge though.

On the front of the vaporizer, directly to the right of the temperature display, is the vent the DaVinci uses to disperse its heat. It seems like it may be directly in the way of where my hand will be when holding the DaVinci, so I’m just hoping it doesn’t get too hot to handle.

I know I’ve already spoken a lot just on the DaVinci’s appearance alone but now I’m really going to be getting into the meat of what has people talking about the DaVinci. There is a cap on the upper right of the DaVinci vape that flicks open, with the push of a small release button so it never opens unexpectedly, which reveals the herb chamber, a small cleaning brush, and a hidden storage compartment. The brush seems really small, like to the point where it might not serve much of a purpose, but much like with everything else with the DaVinci, looks might be deceiving.

The "snorkel" attachment gives your vapor more time to cool.

The “snorkel” attachment gives your vapor more time to cool.

The hidden storage is pretty awesome. The cap to open it is just hard enough to open that you will know your material will be safe from spilling and rattling around in there. It also says the storage compartment holds 3x what is necessary to pack in the herb chamber, basically giving you a full vaporizing station contained in a portable vape. Pretty nice if you ask me.

Did I mention the DaVinci comes with an oil can? Because it does. There is a small dual screen chamber that rests above the herb chamber that acts as the last line of defense from herb getting through to the mouthpiece, but it also is what stores the oil can. You simply unscrew the cap, insert the oil can, and you are on your way to vaping oils and concentrates.

DaVinci Vaporizer

A look at a few of the features that the DaVinci vape offers.


First Time Experience

First off, read the damn instructions. Me, being a lazy idiot, packed herb into the oil can holder instead of just dropping it in the herb chamber. Obviously this got me nowhere. After reading the instructions I dropped the herb into the herb chamber and was really surprised at how much it held. I filled the chamber about 80% of the way, slightly packing it down.

Here is where that small brush came in handy. When putting my material in the herb chamber a lot got around the edge of the chamber and not exactly in it. This is due to the way the cap on the herb chamber flips up and stops at a certain point, you kind of have to maneuver your pinched fingers in there to drop the material in, but I’m making it sound a lot more annoying than it actually is. Anyway, the brush is small enough where brushing the material that missed the herb chamber into it was made really easy and convenient. Definitely nice having that little storage spot for the brush too so i don’t have to worry about carrying it around with me.

Next I closed up the herb chamber cap and switched on the DaVinci. The bright blue LED lit up with 70° Fahrenheit and I quickly adjusted my desired temp to 390° Fahrenheit. Next I pressed the heat button and the DaVinci was off and running. Heating it up took a little over a minute, which obviously pleased me. There is also a very small LED light above the temp display that turns green when your DaVinci is heated to your desired temp, you can of course tell just by the temp display that it is ready, but the little light is a nice touch.

Always a plus when a vape has a digital display.

Always a plus when a vape has a digital display.

My first pull was pretty huge. Good taste. Not harsh. I was instantly impressed and really hoping this held up. Each pull was like the last until it started to thin out a little. So naturally it was time to give it a stir. I immediately noticed when opening it up that I still had a lot of green to work with on the top, so I was expecting good results after stirring. As expected the DaVinci after stirring is like a full new pack. It doesn’t last as long as a fresh pack, but the following 3-4 pulls I got were like I had just repacked it. Pretty awesome.

When I was done I tipped the DaVinci upside down and nearly all of the vaped material fell out, with the brush taking care of the rest. Comparing the color of this material to the same material that had been put in the VapeXhale you could see the DaVinci’s was markedly darker. Not to the point of being burned, but you could tell the DaVinci really did work on this stuff (in a good way).

Clean up after that point seemed pretty straight forward. Any left over material sticking around came off really easily and the screens didn’t clog up in the least. This is only after one use, but I’ve seen other vapes where even after one use you can tell you will be in for it as far as cleaning. With the VaporBLUNT for example I remove the screen and scrub it with the cleaning brush after every use. It’s a pain in the ass.

My one biggest complaint is the vent. I had to adjust the way I was holding the DaVinci to avoid having the vent making the DaVinci too hot to hold. But on the other hand the way my friend held the DaVinci it wasn’t in his way at all. The unit overall didn’t heat up really bad, just slightly, but around the vent is definitely hotter than the rest for obvious reasons. But my overall first impression of the DaVinci vape is a really good one.

After Consistent Use

Love it. Not many negative points to report here really. This vape really got a lot right and not much wrong. I’ve found myself once again pushing my other new vapes aside and rolling with the DaVinci quite often. The huge pulls and great flavor it delivers, combined with the massive portability and convenience, are just hard to ignore.

I adjusted the way I held the DaVinci to avoid the vent and honestly can’t even remember the original way I held it at this point. So if that becomes an annoyance for you in the beginning take my word for it that you will soon forget all about it. But my guess is most won’t even experience this initial problem. I’m special.

How your new DaVinci vape will arrive.

How your new DaVinci vape will arrive.

The threading on the mouthpiece has held up without any clogging up and remains easy to twist on and off. I feel like with the DaVinci they really went through the proper motions to make sure it would be as accessible and easy to use as possible. I mentioned my early mix up with the oil can holder, but that was my own stupidity. You would think after all this exposure to this many vapes I would know better. Or maybe all the exposure to these vapes is what is slowly making me dumber.

The battery life was just as advertised. I vape around 390° Fahrenheit usually, which is considered on the higher side by most, so I generally got around 45 minutes of battery life. If you use a lower temp you will probably get closer to an hour. But this brings me to something awesome. Not only can the DaVinci be used while plugged in and charging, but if your battery dies completely you can still plug it in and use it. Even other vapes that claim to allow usage while charging won’t let you do so on a completely dead battery. So if you are a forgetful person you need not worry as long as you have your charge handy.

The battery display also gives you a very accurate read out of your current battery level, unlike the Vapir NO2’s display that always drops to one cell immediately even though it is far from dead. I find myself using the DaVinci while it is plugged in most of the time anyway, so battery life has yet to affect me negatively.

The design of the DaVinci portable vaporizer is perfect for going right in your pocket. The only snafu would be the mouthpiece making it less pocket friendly, but even that didn’t really bother me. How the Wispr has the mouthpiece that tucks down into the vape, I found that it wasn’t even really necessary with the DaVinci because it is skinnier and overall smaller than the Wispr.

Final Thoughts

The best way to describe the DaVinci is a small portable vaporizing station. You have everything you need packed right into the vape in order to not only vape on the go, but numerous times on the go before having to do all the necessary steps such as charging, reloading the storage compartment, cleaning it out, etc…

This vaporizer is a perfect example as to why you don’t judge something based off looks. Of course there are certain situations where such a thing can’t be avoided, but the DaVinci is not one of them. Top shelf portable vaporizer and I highly recommend it.

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This was my first vaporizer, I am not sure what's going on, but my bud is heating as I can tell from the color. But nothing but nothing really. If this is vaping I'd rather not. Is it the rubber tube? Can it be replaced with a glass one? I've checked no leaks
October 29, 2016, 1:55 am
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