Ok, so now I have my new Volcano Vaporizer Digital plugged in. What’s next?

So you’ve waited in anticipation for your Volcano to arrive and it’s finally here. Now what? Well now it’s time to get started. Below are 5 elementary steps to get the Volcano fired up and ready to go.

Here’s 5 easy step instructions on how to use the Volcano Vaporizer

1. First you want to turn on the Volcano vaporizer by pressing the red button. Once you do that, then set the temperature with the dial or up and down arrows (depending on which version of the Volcano you have). Once you press the red button your Volcano vaporizer will start heating up. If you have the digital version you can set the temperature to a specific degree and monitor the exact temperature as it climbs. Since we had the digital Volcano vaporizer we set the temp to 365 F, the recommended temperature for the type of herb we were using. Took about 5 minutes to heat up to the desired temperature, while it is heating you will definitely want to get started on Step 2.

2. Now you are going to want to grind up the herb and prepare to place it into the black metal chamber that is placed atop the Volcano vaporizer. DO NOT place the chamber on the vape while it is heating! Wait until the temperature is at the desired level AND you have multiple balloons waiting to be filled. Keep in mind you want to grind the herb as fine as possible because if there are big clumps the vapor is going to take what is on the outside only from those chunks, so the finer the better. Now place the herb in the chamber and place the top on it making sure you leave a little space between the herb and the top of the chamber. We used about a half gram for our test. Once heated fully, place the closed chamber on top of the Volcano vaporizer. Now your Volcano is ready to go!

3. With the first empty balloon in hand, press the green button and the Volcano vaporizer will begin to distribute vapor after about 5 seconds. When the first balloon is filled (it will look like it is going to pop) remove it by holding the herb chamber carefully and pulling the balloon off by the orange attachment piece. Repeat until you have filled the desired number of balloons to capacity.

4. If at any time you want to stop the Volcano vaporizer from distributing vapor all you need to do is press the green button to stop the airflow. The Volcanowill stay heated, but it will not send hot air out. If taking a break, remove the chamber filled with the remaining plant matter until you are ready once again to start vaporizing its contents. To resume distributing vapor, just press the green button again.

5. Now place a black mouthpiece onto each of the filled balloons. Once you do that you are ready to enjoy the sweet produce of your Volcano vaporizer. The black mouthpiece cap acts very much like a Gatorade bottle in that you just press your lips to it opening and the flaps that are keeping the vapor in and allowing you to inhale. When you remove your mouth from the cap the trap will automatically shut again keeping the vapor safe inside until you are ready for your next hit. Might be a little difficult to picture but when you get your Volcano vaporizer you will grasp this step with ease. 🙂

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A brand new Volcano needs special prep.
A brand new Volcano needs to be heated at highest temp for half an hour to burn off oils and other factory handeling .you can sterilize the inside this way too. And run hot air through the mouthpiece for 5 minuets too. Make sure the hot air coming out does not have any smell to it. Then your good to go to step one.
December 26, 2017, 4:06 am
Ease Of Use62
Vapor Quality39
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