The Easy Vape is a small digital box style herbal vaporizer that has the goal, not surprisingly considering the name, of being easy to use and an all around convenient vaporizing experience. The price is pretty cheap so I am not sure how well the Easy Vape can deliver on being easy to use as well as being a quality vaping experience. The low price has a lot to do with its relative popularity. Lets find out if the Easy Vape is worth your time.

Easy Vape First Impressions

The Easy Vape came packaged in a nice black cardboard box that read “Easy Vape” at the top and had like a shadowy picture of a digital temperature display. When I opened up the box I saw the Easy Vape itself laid flat on its side with the power cord and vapor whip tubing packaged right underneath it. To the right of the vape was the bowl end of the vapor whip, which was slightly taller than the Easy Vape itself, with a nice design to it.

The Easy Vape looks like your standard box vaporizer, with a durable polycarbonate design and heating element tilted slightly upwards at an angle facing you. It is kind of a throw back to older box style vapes but with newer upgrades like a digital temperature read out and being polycarbonate instead of wood, which was known to warp and crack.

The polycarbonate build seemed really solid, nothing flimsy or anything to make me think it would break down. It is really light but even despite its light weight it still seemed to be sturdy. On the front is a steel temperature knob that also doubles as the power switch. You push it in to turn on the vape and then twist left or right to adjust what temperature you want. Pretty easy.

Above the steel temperature knob is the digital temperature read out. The LED lights glow red and don’t seem to fluctuate too often when vaporizing, so I am hoping the vape is maintaining its temperature. The heating element itself also changes colors while in use, glowing different colors that in turn illuminates the entire vapor whip. This is all cosmetic of course but still, when the lights are out and you are using the Easy Vape it looks really cool.

Like most vapes the power cord is right around 10 feet, this is especially important with the Easy Vape vaporizer since it is so small and light weight, and also hands free, you could conceivably move around a little when using this vape, or at least pass it back and forth from couch to couch.

My First Easy Vape Experience

I first plugged in the Easy Vape and pressed the steel temperature knob to turn the Easy Vape on. Once the temperature readout turned on I twisted the knob and set the Easy Vape’s temp to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. The vapor whip began to glow while it was heating up and after about 10 minutes of heat up time it seemed ready to go.

Packing the bowl end of the vapor whip was as easy as dropping my material right in onto the screen. A trick I like to use is hovering the bowl end of the whip over my ground up material and then strongly inhaling through the mouthpiece. This sucks some of your material up onto the screen, covering the surface area, but not allowing too much material to stack on top of each other. In the end not only is it easy to do but also makes sure you don’t let any of your material go to waste.

Once I attached the bowl end of the whip to the heating element I gave it a little bit before finally pulling. I took a long slow pull because I’ve learned with almost any box style vape that this is the best way to get nice even pulls that aren’t too harsh. The first pull from my Easy Vape delivered a really thick vapor and was a little hot, but not unbearable. I had the temperature at 380 degrees Fahrenheit but it felt more like 400+ degrees. So I turned it down to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and gave it another go. This delivered a much better vapor quality, more like what I’m used to when at 380 degrees.

I can’t be totally sure but it does seem like either the Easy Vape’s heating element can over heat a lot or the digital temperature display is just off a little bit on its readings. It isn’t a huge deal right off the bat since I noticed because I just lowered the temp and had to remember for the future, but good to know early on.

Just like any other vape, when I started to get that slight burnt popcorn taste I knew it was time to dump the material. Looking at the material the Easy Vape seemed to do its job, it didn’t appear I had burned the material for the most part. It was a little darker than usual but I attribute that to me having the temp at 380 degrees and the digital read out being off.

Easy Vape After Consistent Use

After using the Easy Vape for a while now I have to say it wasn’t really as solid as I first thought it was. The polycarbonate body held up fine but the vapor whip tubing and the power cord both wore on me very fast. The power cord started to do this thing where I had to have the plug in at the right angle to have it turn on, it was weird. I thought it was my outlet but it happened with any outlet I used.

The digital temperature read out is definitely hit or miss. Sometimes I could set it to 380 degrees and it felt normal but other times it didn’t. It was like a guessing game every time what temperature I was actually at. It has the ability to heat to the temperature you prefer, you just never known what number that is going to be, it’s like playing the lottery.

The tubing on the vapor whip for the Easy Vape almost immediately turned yellow after a few uses. It even felt like it was starting to stiffen up a little after use and then would go back to normal after using it for a little. So with the whip tubing you have to keep up on cleaning it a lot. Pretty much as often as you can.

One good thing is the steel temperature knob has definitely held up nicely. Any vape with a knob to set the temperature always runs the risk of that knob either falling off, starting to stick, or just no longer properly controlling the temperature. The Easy Vape’s temperature reading isn’t very accurate but I do not think that is anything to do with the knob since I experienced it my first time using it. It is especially important this temperature knob stays in working condition since it is how you turn the vaporizer on.

When I got everything right and the temperature seemed to be accurate I think the Easy Vape was still a pretty decent vaporizer. It is by no means anything to write home about but for its price and to have a digital temperature read out of any kind on something this inexpensive is nice.

The Final Word on the Easy Vape Herbal Vaporizer

I’m kind of on the fence with the Easy Vape. There is a lot I don’t like but they really aren’t the worst things that could go wrong with a vaporizer. The inaccurate temperature read out definitely causes some headaches and can be very frustrating but with a little practice and experience you’ll learn to master the Easy Vape.

If you need to save money and you have the time and patience to master the Easy Vape vaporizer it can be a solid vaporizer. Just know that there is going to be a learning curve and it might end up being less of a headache to spend a little extra money on something better.

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