Eclipse Vape H2O Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

The Eclipse Vape H2O is basically the direct brother of the well known Essential Vape. It has a similar design, anodized aluminum body with glass vials as herb chambers, but the main difference is the Eclipse’s ability to be used with your water tool. It comes with several different stems and o-rings to fit different sized water tools and can also be used by itself, just like the Essential Vape.

So if you read the Essential Vape review then you have a good idea of what we are working with here, but how well does it work with a water tool?

Eclipse Vape H2O First Impressions

Much like everything else with the Eclipse, the shock proof carrying case it comes with is just as nice. It is all black with a small rubber “Eclipse” logo on it and zippers shut. When you open it up there is a short instruction manual, or user’s guide as it is labeled, and an extra vial, 2 glass on glass connectors for a water tool, and 2 glass stems made to be combined with the o-rings to also insert into your water tool. The 2 glass stems also serve as a way to directly inhale instead of using a water tool.

The Eclipse uses glass vials as its heating chamber and they are made to be interchangeable because when you are vaporizing mainly with oils and concentrates you don’t really want to mix the materials. The extra vial it comes with definitely helps right out of the packaging. You may not think one extra vial is a big deal, but imagine if it wasn’t there. It makes a difference.

The anodized aluminum build is rock solid as well. The Vape2o has a circular design and this is for good reason. The reason it is circular is so the vial is aimed at the proper angle when being inserted into a water pipe. I do have to point out that since you use a glass stem as the mouthpiece when you aren’t using a water tool that you are more likely to break some pieces even from normal use.

Also you are inserting glass into glass when you use a water tool so that as well can make breaking easy, so be extra careful.

So overall the Eclipse has a lot of glass parts, even more than the Vaaapp, but you are getting the added ability to combine the Eclipse with your water tool which should make the vaping experience even nicer. So it is a trade off. Is the trade off worth it? We’re about to find out.

My First Eclipse Vape H2O Experience

The first thing I tried was vaporizing herbs with the Eclipse Vape H2O rather than trying essential oils or concentrates. Right off the bat I am inclined to assume that the Eclipse performs very well when it comes to vaporizing oils and concentrates because that is what it was mostly designed for, but of course it will be put to the test.

I put a small layer of finely ground herbs in the vial and screwed it on. Unscrewing and screwing the vials was really smooth with the Eclipse Vape. I didn’t feel like the vials would easily shatter or break from screwing them too tight and with just a few turns they felt like they were connected very tightly.

I first decided to try vaping without the water tool, since it was easier to get it out of the way first. Since I am not a vet when it comes to the Essential Vape the Eclipse was a walk in the park to vape with for me. But I found that the vapor quality isn’t the best and it is a bit of a cumbersome process lighting it with a standard lighter.

I began with heating the top of the vial and working my way down to the bottom, evenly heating the entire vial to achieve even vaporizing rather than burning the material on the bottom, a mistake I made several times with the Essential Vape before.

Now I connected it to my water tool and gave it a go. At first I found it kind of difficult to get a full vapor pull through the water tool. But after some trial and error I just found that I had to light it a little longer, almost to the point where you would think it would burn.

Just pull your lighter farther away from the vial when it gets to the point where it is hot enough that it is vaporizing. I was able to get some decent pulls from it and the added water filtration took care of that harshness and I have to say it was a pleasant vaping experience.

I did the same two tests with oils and just as I had thought the vaporizing experience was a good one on both fronts. Where as using herb really only the water tool method was desirable, with oils either way worked great. I also still used the heating method mentioned above of heating the entire vial instead of just the bottom.

Eclipse Vape H2O After Consistent Use

I’ve been using the Eclipse Vape H2O for a while and I can say that I do really enjoy this vape. I haven’t used it without the water tool since I first tested it because if you don’t use the Eclipse with the water tool I feel like you are wasting its potential.

The aluminum body has held up as expected and I have yet to break any of the glass vials from over heating or any other type of accident, but some of this can be attributed to me earning my stripes with the Essential Vape, but maybe not so it is worth noting. The vials need a decent amount of cleaning depending on what type of material you are using.

I suggest just keeping up with the cleaning right off the bat. Don’t be lackadaisical about it, I’m not saying get excited to clean stuff but if you keep up on it early you will thank yourself later. The vials are very easy to find at a low price, close to $10 for around 25 of them, so please please please save yourself the headache and pick up some extras.

Something I didn’t initially realize about the Eclipse Vape H2O was how little you actually have to clean the vape itself. It has that small annular anodized aluminum body and cleaning is really not something that has to be done often. This is of course balanced out by having to clean the vials a lot but it is nice you don’t have to constantly clean the vape itself on top of that.

The Final Word on the Eclipse Vape H2O

Whether you are looking into buying either the Essential Vape or the Eclipse Vape or you already own the Essential and just saw the Eclipse, you can’t go wrong with either. The Essential Vape has less glass pieces to break but the Eclipse is a more versatile vape.

So maybe if you want something for oils and concentrates that has less of a chance of breaking when you are out then you might want to go with the Essential Vape. But both vapes are excellent at what they were designed for, vaporizing essential oils and concentrates.

Overall the Eclipse Vape2o vaporizer is not only good vaporizer but it is a versatile vaporizer. If you want something that gives you options then you definitely want to take a long look at the Eclipse Vape H2O.

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