Essential Vape Portable Oil Vaporizer Review

The Essential Vape (or the Essential Vaaapp as it is also known) is a small portable vaporizer that is more meant for oils and concentrates, rather than herbs or tobacco. It is actually one of the only vaporizers on the market that is made for portable vaporization of oils and concentrates, so you would hope it is a good one.

Can you use herbs or tobacco with the Essential Vape? I’m certainly going to try.

Essential Vape First Impressions

The Essential Vape comes packaged in a nice little shock proof carrying case which also contained an extra vial and space for 2 more additional vials. The shock proof carrying case also zippers shut, it is not a flimsy slip case like you might expect.

The vials the Essential Vape uses as its herb chamber are glass, so the shock proof carrying case is pretty much necessity. There was also a user’s guide that was included which is definitely appreciated because this thing looks like it might take a little mastering to get right.

The glass vials are pretty much designed for seamless switching between vaporizing one material to another. Since the vials for the Vaaapp are sure to have some material stick or burn to them a little it is nice to have an extra vial to avoid having to clean the same one over and over before switching materials.

With other vapes you may be using the same material and nothing else, but with the Essential Vape being designed for oils and concentrates it is almost a certainty you will be using a variety of materials. The extra vial also comes with a black screw on cap so you can essentially store material in there as well without worrying about spilling.

The one solid piece anodized aluminum build seems completely rock solid. I don’t think you could break this thing if you tried. The anodized aluminum also makes it so you do not have to worry about any metals making its way into your vapor.

So on one hand you have a solid aluminum body that is near unbreakable, but then the herb chamber is made of glass and is very breakable. But you have to appreciate the fact that the herb chamber is glass because glass is completely non reactive so you won’t be inhaling any harmful fumes from metals or alloys. So it is a small sacrifice.

My First Essential Vape Experience

This is an herbal vaporizer review site. That is because I am into herbal vaporizers. So a vape for oils and concentrates is a little foreign to me. That being said I decided to try vaporizing some ground up herbs first.

I unscrewed the glass vial from the Vaaapp, it unscrewed rather easily, and inserted a small layer of my material, finely ground up, at the bottom of the vial. Screwing the vial back in was a little more difficult than unscrewing it. I felt like it wasn’t on all the way but also felt like if I twisted it a little more it could shatter in the threading, which would make getting it out VERY difficult. But ultimately it was on there tight enough, I just knew going forward I should be as careful as possible.

Really that is all the prep work I needed, it was time to give it a shot. The Essential Vape oil vaporizer achieves vaporization by holding a standard lighter under the glass vial, not touching it but at a distance, which heats the glass and thus vaporizes the material in the vial. I used one of those electric lighters that has the push button, but a standard BIC lighter would have worked as well.

I lit the lighter and held it about 5-6 inches from the glass, while slightly experimenting with different distances. The first 2 times I packed a vial I ended up burning my herbs. I think I was being a little impatient. I wouldn’t see results, aka vapor, right away and would start putting the lighter closer. Doing this just ended up burning the material and that was pretty much my fault.

The 3rd go around I decided to be as patient as I had to be and to not let the flame get too close to the vial. Ultimately I did end up vaporizing my material with the Essential Vape, but it took a little work. Also the vapor quality was not really that great and a little harsh. So can you vaporize herbs/tobacco with the Essential Vape? Yes, but you can tell it wasn’t specifically designed to do so.

Next up I gave some essential oils a try. I can say this worked a lot better. When holding the lighter to it you can see your material start to bubble a little bit and vapor start to accumulate. When vaporizing either the ground up herbs or essential oils/concentrates a good trick is to not only heat towards the bottom of the vial but start heating towards the top first.

After you have held it at the top for a little start working your way down. This will increase the overall temperature within the vial, instead of just the bottom of it. Evenly heating the vial resulted in a better vapor.

Essential Vape After Consistent Use

After using the Essential Vape for a couple of months I have determined this vape should only be used for essential oils and concentrates. If you want something to vaporizer herbs and tobacco with I would stick to one of the many other herbal vapes they have on the market, preferably one reviewed on this site (like my new favorite, the Arizer Solo or an oldie but goodie the Magic Flight).

But pushing that aside, it is a very nice vape for what it does and the aluminum body is really never going to have to be replaced. Cleaning both the aluminum body and the glass vials is very easy as well. The vials can be dropped in soapy water or cleaning solvent to soak and then running hot water over it will take care of the rest that is still sticking around.

Cleaning the Essential Vaaapp body itself is as easy as running a pipe cleaner through it. I recommend running some boiling water through it prior to using the pipe cleaner as it will loosen up anything caught in there.

You can use one vial for multiple materials but just like I said earlier you will in fact have to clean them each time you do. If you have more than 2 types of materials you want to vaporize then I definitely suggest picking up some additional glass vials. They are pretty cheap at most vendors, I have even seen a pack of 24 of them for around $10. So picking up some extra vials is not going to break the bank what so ever.

I do have to say I broke a vial once by heating it a little too much. This is of course entirely my fault but you want to keep that in mind when using this vape. Also do NOT use a butane torch or any type of torch lighter like you would with the Vapman. It will definitely break the glass vial.

The Final Word on The Essential Vape

For what it is, a portable vaporizer designed for oils and concentrates, the Essential Vape is a great vaporizer. It is simple to use once you get a hang of it and the shock proof carrying case makes it very easy to take with you where ever you go.

But if it is a portable herbal vaporizer you are looking for then this may not be what you want. Like I said, you can vaporize herbs or tobacco with it but it is difficult and when you do it right it still isn’t all that impressive. So be wary of what you are buying before you purchase the Essential Vape.

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