Evolutions Vaporizer Review

The Evolutions Vaporizer made by Integrated Thermal Management Solutions is a box style hands free whip style vaporizer that is a bit pricey but is well worth the price. The Evolutions Vaporizer isn’t like most box style vapes in design because it is more flat than most box style vapes, but is still the same principal.

Honestly the Evolutions Vaporizer really is a great, great vaporizer. It comes with all the bells and whistles to make your vaporizing experience quick, clean, simple, and enjoyable.

I’ll list said bells and whistles here and then go in depth about them in the things I like about this vape section, because they are all things I like. The Evolutions Vaporizer comes with a quiet computer controlled fan, a green light that blinks when the Evolutions v7 Vaporizer is ready, a digital temperature control, ceramic heating element housed in steel, silicon air seal, Fuzzy Logic temperature control system, two minute heat up time, and a three year warranty.

Like I said the Evolutions Vaporizer is a bit expensive but with all these features it is totally justified, honestly they could probably charge more.

What do I like about the Evolutions Vaporizer?

Everything is the most acceptable answer here. One thing I can’t stand is when a vaporizer is loud. That is of no concern with the Evolutions Vaporizer. The computer controlled fan means it is monitoring the fans speed based on the temperature you are vaporizing at. Basically it doesn’t just go full speed like most motor controlled vaporizer fans, hence cutting down on noise.

Here is what is actually packaged with the Evolutions Vaporizer:

  • Evolutions Vaporizer
  • Vapor Whip
  • 2 Replacement Screens
  • Instruction Manual

So you’ll have what you need right out of the box. When heating up the Evolutions Vaporizer it actually adjusts to ten degrees higher than your desired setting so that it heats up faster, but don’t worry it goes back down to your desired temperature immediately resulting in a two minute heat up time. This is all made possible by a silicon air seal that prevents the intrusion of cold air into the vaporizer.

This air seal guarantees an consistent vaporizing experience each time. Also making life easier with the Evolutions Vaporizer is a green blinking light that will start going off when the vaporizer is warmed up, simple but awesome. The aforementioned Fuzzy Logic heating system is really a great addition to the Evolutions Vaporizer and brings all the quick heat up time features together.

Having a consistent vaporizing experience time after time with this vaporizer is guaranteed. The Evolutions Vaporizer is hands down the best whip style vaporizer on the market.

Check out the simple step by step instructions on how to use the Evolutions Vaporizer if you need a helping hand.

Really if you want a whip style vaporizer you have absolutely no reason what so ever to not pick up the Evolutions Vaporizer. It completely justifies it’s price tag and delivers one of the best vaporizing experiences around. Don’t wait, just buy this vape. Right now. Go. The Evolutions Vaporizer is worth it.

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