Arizer V-Tower Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer has gone through a transformation of sorts over the years. Originally the V-Tower was a dual functionality digital vape that was one of the first to include remote control operation, but after Arizer developed the new Extreme Q they stripped the V-Tower down to basically be a durable and affordable vertical airflow vaporizer.

Is the V-Tower still worth the money even after a lot of its features have been stripped? Read on to find out.

Arizer V-Tower First Impressions

The newer model of the V-Tower is a little more sleeker looking than the original design that had balloon inflation and the remote control. The chrome finish is a little darker and those ugly ridges at the top have been removed as well. It essentially looks like a lighter (in color) version of the Extreme Q.

The V-Tower has a solid aluminum build, just looking at it and touching it you can tell it is not a vaporizer that will break easily. The heating element on the Arizer V-Tower vape is nestled nicely in the top hole right by the black ring you see at the top. It is about a half inch down so it isn’t exposed and easily breakable.

On the front of the Arizer V-Tower vape is the digital temperature display and front face buttons. These buttons operate every function on the vape from turning it on to setting the temperature. Both the screen and the buttons seem to be pretty top notch to match the rest of the build of the vaporizer. Basically it looks just like the Extreme Q’s screen and button without the remote sensor and a “power” light instead of a “fan” light.

The V-Tower has a wide base to avoid tipping over with four rubber tips to keep it from sliding as well. This could definitely come in handy when using it with some friends and passing the whip around. So overall I had a great first impression of the V-Tower.

My First Arizer V-Tower Experience

I plugged in the V-Tower and turned it on, the LED digital temperature display immediately lit up. From there I used the up and down buttons to set my temperature, I decided to set it to 385 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temp I start at with pretty much any vaporizer.

The V-Tower took about 3 or 4 minutes to fully heat up and now it was time to vaporize. I threw my ground up material in the top half of the included “cyclone bowl” that acts as the herb chamber. From there I placed the ground glass end of the cyclone bowl onto the heating element of the V-Tower.

Next I took the whip and connected it to the top half of the cyclone bowl, completing the V-Tower set up. Getting to this point, the V-Tower vaporizer set up and ready to vaporize, was very simple and care free, no hassle what so ever.

I soon saw some vapor starting to build in the cyclone bowl and I took a nice big pull. I could see my material jumping around a little in the cyclone bowl so I eased back on how hard I was pulling and took a longer and slower pull. That definitely did the trick.

The pulls from the V-Tower are great, just like using a whip with the Extreme Q. I was never one to use the fan for forced vapor delivery when using the Extreme Q 4.0 so I didn’t really miss it with my V-Tower.

After a while I could tell the material was kicked and it was time to empty it out. The cyclone bowl was extremely hot when I removed it. Even the black rubber tip meant to stay cool so you can handle the cyclone bowl was really hot. Definitely be careful when removing the cyclone bowl.

I dumped out the used material and pretty much all of it came right out, didn’t really have to fuss with a brush or anything to get it clean. This is always a bonus with any vaporizer, not having to brush it out each time you use it.

I really enjoyed my first go around with the V-Tower. Basically it seems like when purchasing the V-Tower you are getting a stripped down version of the Extreme Q, but this is absolutely not a bad thing when you want to save some money and know you won’t miss the fan, balloon inflation, or remote operation.

Arizer V-Tower After Consistent Use

After using the V-Tower for a while now I can say that all my initial first impressions have withstood the test of time. I love the V-Tower and for those looking for a cheap vaporizer that is easy to use and will get the job done then this is it.

The aluminum build, both inside and out, has lasted perfectly. As you would expect there is not warping and very little scratching. Even the rubber knobs on the bottom of the base aren’t all worn out and that happens with that stuff a lot.

The LED digital temperature display has also gone relatively unscathed aside from some scratches I put on it by being careless. The number haven’t dimmed at all and all the buttons are still as responsive as when I first used it.

The glass parts, such as the cyclone bowl, whip elbow adapter and whip mouthpiece can get very dirty very fast. I recommend cleaning all of the glass parts at least once a week to avoid having to do one huge cleaning project when you let it gunk up enough. Plus you don’t want any type of build up affecting your vapor taste.

Arizer V-Tower Final Thoughts

I don’t have many bad things to say about the V-Tower herbal vaporizer. It doesn’t hide what it is, which is just a really reliable and easy to use vaporizer. Constantly cleaning glass pieces can get a little annoying, but this is a minor trade off for such a wonderful vape.

I highly recommend the V-Tower to those who don’t have a bank account bursting at the seems and can drop $300 on a new vape. For the low price you can find the V-Tower at you will absolutely not be disappointed.

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