A relatively new vendor, EZVapes has everything one would need when they are looking for the best place to buy a vaporizer. Most importantly they offer same-day shipping on all orders that are processed during business hours. EZVapes also makes it very easy to contact them. They have a phone line that is open from 10am to 7:30pm eastern time and they are also easily reachable by email. I placed a call to EZVapes and was greeted by a friendly representative who spoke clear English, which is not always the case as you may know.

I also sent in a question by email and had a response within five minutes, they are obviously on top of their customer service here. After I placed an order with them I quickly got a confirmation email and was given instructions on how I can track my package and check the status of my order.

I really just felt like at all times I knew exactly what was going on with my order and I had no reason to worry about it not arriving on time or not at all, with EZVapes you are never left out to dry wondering where your vaporizer is.

EZVapes Variety and Selection of Vapes:

There is a huge selection at EZVapes, with their entire catalog sorted by the type of vaporizer you are looking for. I went on EZVapes looking for a cheap vaporizer that I had not yet purchased and right when I looked on their side bar I saw the categories for price range which made me narrow my search down right away.

They have it broken down in increments of $100 so it is extremely easy for those shopping with a budget to find what would be best for them. Lots of vendors categorize their vaporizers in multiple ways, the good ones anyway, but EZVapes really went the extra mile to get you where you need to be as fast as possible.

All in all they have a wide selection of vaporizers with all the important vaporizers represented. Basically no matter what kind of vape you need whether it be portable, rechargeable, balloon inflating, or a whip vaporizer you can find it here.

EZVapes Shipping Methods:

They seem to have all shipping options covered, including Saturday delivery and next day shipping. They ship by UPS, USPS, and also FedEx depending on your location. Also they have an option for paying via COD (Collect on Delivery) so if you are weary about ordering online and using your credit card information then this is a great option to have.

Their shipping all comes from the United States as well to cut down on shipping times even when using standard ground delivery. Since vapes are usually considered high ticket items they usually have to be signed for upon delivery which can be a huge hassle for those who work full time or aren’t home a lot but EZVapes has a simple solution for this.

They give you the option of having the package shipped to your local UPS, USPS, or FedEx location so it can be held for customer pickup. This way you can go at your earliest convenience to sign for and receive your vaporizer. Every detail you need to know to get your package out as soon as possible is written out clear and concise on their FAQ page. I definitely recommend reading it before placing your order.

Lastly I want to mention that all their packages are not only billed discreetly but also shipped as such too. The package arrived in a plain cardboard box and has a discreet return address on it in case any return is necessary. You may not need to be secretive about ordering a vaporizer but if you are you are 100% covered with EZVapes.

EZVapes Deals and Coupons:

I have to say EZVapes really excels in this area. Most other sites do offer coupons but are always giving convoluted answers or leading you in circles and you end up how you started, paying full price. EZVapes says nice and clear on their FAQ page I mentioned earlier that all you have to do for a coupon is sign up for their email list.

When I signed up I promptly received my coupon and didn’t have to deal with any type of hassle what so ever. Upon ordering many of the vapes you also receive deals on accessories and in many cases have the option of a free grinder. To get anything for free now a days is rare so this is something that stands out to me immediately.

One accessory I wanted to point out was when ordering a Zephyr ION you have the option a 12 foot vapor balloon to use for it. I didn’t even know those existed but I immediately ordered one. I don’t know if I can handle a 12 foot balloon but I have to find out.

What’s Unique About EZVapes:

What I find unique, and awesome, about EZVapes is that they offer what every other vendor does but they take everything to a new level. Their customer service to me can’t be topped. You can really tell they pride themselves in their customer service and it shows.

From a phone line open longer than any other site, to almost immediate email responses they are out to prove that customer service can go a long way. The website itself is very easy to navigate and gives you a stream lined simple design to browse their entire stock of vaporizers. Their easily accessible coupons are also something that caught me off guard.

It almost seems like EZVapes is more concerned about saving you money then making money for themselves, which is pretty refreshing. Everything EZVapes does is done right and done correctly. They have made it an easy decision for me to shop from them from now on. If you need to find the right vendor for your future vaporizer purchases look no further than EZVapes, because I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

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