Fumo Pipe Review

Here I am again, reviewing another product that has no vaporizing capabilities to speak of. Is this becoming Pipe Sale? No, don’t worry I’m still in love with my vapes. But the Fumo Pipe is a pretty new smoking device that is extremely similar to the Incredibowl Mini m420.

I guess you could say it is similar to the Incredibowl i420 as well but the Fumo Pipe’s size is the exact size of the Incredibowl Mini (when both have their standard chambers attached). The Fumo Pipe vs Incredibowl debate is quickly headed for another Purple-Days vs Myrtlezap situation so I figured, just like I reviewed those two, I’d now review the Fumo Pipe as well and give you an idea of how it stacks up against the Incredibowl.

Let’s get to it.

Fumo Pipe First Impressions

My Fumo Pipe arrived in a plain cardboard box which contained another slim and long white cardboard box with the color of the Fumo Pipe marked on it with a manufacturer assigned pin number on the top. This number kind of looked important so I looked into it and it is indeed important.

All Fumo Pipes come with a limited lifetime warranty and this number on your box is essentially your ID number for your warranty, so they know you got it from an authorized reseller. So be careful where you order from and make sure you ask about that number being printed on the box.

So I anxiously ripped the box open and there was the Fumo Pipe, wrapped in bubble wrap with some tool that looks like a poker/stir tool of sorts. One thing I noticed was no instructions to speak of, which is actually pretty standard when it comes to pipes. If you don’t know how to operate a pipe you shouldn’t be ordering one, unlike vapes where instructions are crucial.

Inside the chamber of the Fumo Pipe was a little plastic baggy containing 3 extra screens (there is one in the Fumo Pipe already), something you don’t get with your Incredibowl Mini, mind you. Screens in my opinion are a waste of time to clean and I usually replace them so this was a pleasant surprise to get some extras.

I find that the 3" tube is a perfect length for big pulls.

Simply press the button to carb and enjoy.

The screens they supply are not cheap screens either. These screens are stainless steel so you can easily clean them if you like without having to worry about the threads pulling apart or damaging.

The Fumo Pipe has a nice little weight to itself. It feels really solid. You may remember with the Incredibowl m420 I kind of felt like I could crush the thing and I didn’t get that feeling with my Fumo Pipe at all. The main body of the Fumo Pipe is made of Billet Aluminum which was cool to the touch even after being in a hot USPS truck for probably a couple days. The aluminum is meant as a natural heat sink to cool your smoke before pulling.

This could be looked at two ways: 1. Awesome that it cools the smoke and makes my smoking experience a smoother one. 2. I don’t want my smoke being filtered through aluminum because of health concerns. I fall somewhere in between. Being a vaporizer fanatic I guess that kind of makes me a health nut too, right? Well I don’t smoke too often so this won’t affect me much, but if you plan on using the Fumo Pipe consistently then this is something to consider.

Another immediate observation was this push button at the top of the Fumo Pipe. This acts as the carb for the device, so instead of pulling annular “Bowl Armor” on the Incredibowl you simply press a button down, so smoking is as easy as the push of a button! Corny, I know. Couldn’t resist. So far both the Fumo Pipe portable smoking device and Incredibowl Mini are VERY similar. But this leads me to one big difference.

The Fumo Pipe comes apart so you can easily clean it.

The Fumo Pipe comes apart so you can easily clean it.

With the Fumo Pipe you drop your material right into the bowl onto the screen that is on top of the pipe right behind the push button carb system. So you are dropping the material directly onto the screen inside a stainless steel bowl (brass is an option as well with a glass option on the way according to Fumo Pipe themselves) and with the Incredibowl your material is in a glass bowl that makes zero contact with the screen.

So my initial thought is this is a spot where the Incredibowl should be superior. Only time will tell though if that is the case. Enough about the looks, time to try it.

My First Fumo Pipe Experience

The Fumo Pipe really had no prep time, just broke up some material and dropped it in the bowl. With the Incredibowl you have the bowl pretty much parallel to the ground, maybe slightly tilted upwards, so if you don’t pack the bowl tight enough it could fall out. With the Fumo Pipe the bowl is on top, pointed straight at the ceiling so you could feasibly grind your material and drop it in, this I like. So I dropped the material in and lit the bowl, pulling on the chamber.

The chamber filled as quickly as you would expect and then I pressed the carb button and got a rush of fresh smoke that wasn’t too harsh and honestly was pretty cool. I think the Billet Aluminum really makes a difference in cooling the smoke. Again the aluminum part could be something you either love or hate, I don’t really mind the thought of the smoke going through aluminum. I’m reckless I guess.

When the first bowl was kicked I tipped it upside down and most of the material fell out, with a little clinging to life to try to stay in the bowl. A simple sweep of a q-tip took care of the rest, or you could use some cleaning sticks, stir tool, or poker if you have one available, all would do the trick. So overall my initial feeling towards the Fumo Pipe was a positive one, didn’t have many negative things to say about it.

The fine mesh screen on the Fumo Pipe is easy to clean and works great.

The fine mesh screen on the Fumo Pipe is easy to clean and works great.

Fumo Pipe After Consistent Use

I’ve still only had my Fumo Pipe for about a month but in that month I’ve definitely learned some tricks and a lot of my positive feeling towards the Fumo Pipe remain. The screens have held up great, not needing as much cleaning as I thought they would initially but it still requires more cleaning than the Incredibowl Mini’s screens.

The aluminum has held up great and is surprisingly scratch free so far. I discovered something that is definitely an awesome trick, and since discovering it, it is the only way I’ll use the Fumo Pipe. Take your expansion chamber off, you can even unscrew the bowl and put it aside if you want, and put the aluminum body in the freezer.

Leave it in there until the next time you use it and right when you take it out throw on the expansion chamber, screw the bowl back in if you took it out initially, pack the bowl, and take a pull. The smoke cools so much it is insane. This small trick in my opinion gives the Fumo Pipe a small edge over the Incredibowl Mini m420. The aluminum holds that cold temperature through at least one full bowl pack. Try it out and thank me later.

Cleaning was also easy with the Fumo Pipe because it breaks down piece by piece, just like the Incredibowl does. The expansion chamber pulls right off, the bowl unscrews, the push button carb pulls out, and from there soaking or cleaning each piece is very easy. I always keep up on cleaning anything I use but for you lazy ones out there who procrastinate it will still be easy to clean.

I also went ahead and picked up the 9” expansion chamber. It definitely added the ability to take bigger pulls without worrying about the smoke getting too harsh. They have 6, 9 and 12 inch expansion chambers so I purchased right in the middle. If you wanna get really crazy pick up a 12 inch expansion chamber, let me know in the comments how it goes if you do.

There are longer expansion tubes available for the adventurous ones.

There are longer expansion tubes available for the adventurous ones.

The Final Word on The Fumo Pipe

The experiences with the Fumo Pipe and the Incredibowl Mini are both very similar and it is hard to say who comes out on top. Gun to my head, I’m sticking with the Fumo Pipe over the Incredibowl Mini, but I still think the Incredibowl i420 beats both.

So if it is a portable pipe you are looking for that is durable, versatile, and will give you a cool smoke that won’t have you coughing up a lung then the Fumo Pipe is right down your alley.

Also the manufacturer is planning big things for the Fumo Pipe, with a new glass bowl attachment coming soon, which in my opinion will make it a no-brainer to go with the Fumo Pipe over the Incredibowl Mini.

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