Glass Dome Vaporizer Review

Well Glass Dome vaporizers are the old cranky Grandpa version of vaporizers now a days. They may get the job but it won’t be efficient and will most likely be a huge pain in the ass throughout. Glass Dome vaporizers were the first vaporizers around and using one today you can tell. They waste a lot of herb due to their heating method, which is placing the herb on a hot metal plate.

The herb can tend to ignite, which defeats the purpose of a vaporizer, and you get a nasty burnt popcorn flavor. To use a vaporizer like this you better be patient because this thing is beyond inconsistent. Most models don’t even have an on and off switch and you have to use it by plugging and unplugging it.

What do I like about Glass Dome Vaporizer:

Not much really. I’m sure they had the “Ooh, Ahh” factor when they first came out 10 years ago, but like any Miss America winner, it ain’t looking too pretty now. In principal they do what they advertise and vaporize herb but the quality is just poor. Visually a Glass Dome Vaporizer isn’t any better either.

It looks like it could double as a fish bowl, bubblegum machine, or one of those little electric conductor things you put your fingers to so you can be mildly amused for 10 seconds. So really the only appealing about a Glass Dome vaporizer, I suppose, would be the cheap prices. You can find a Glass Dome Vaporizer for as cheap as $25. Don’t want to say it again but, you get what you pay for.

Here is what comes with a Glass Dome Vaporizer:

  • Glass Dome Vaporizer
  • Instruction Manual

If you need some assistance check out our easy step by step instructions for Glass Dome Vaporizers

So I’m sure I’ve been more than a little harsh on the Glass Dome Vaporizer, but honestly it’s just because there are so many better options out there and you shouldn’t short change yourself to save a buck. No pun intended.

I’m sure 10 years ago I would have thought a Glass Dome Vaporizer was awesome, because it was new. But 10 years ago I also would have been shocked and amazed by HDTVs. All in all the Glass Dome Vaporizer left me unimpressed.

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