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Got Vape offers a range of customer service to make sure you are never left in the dark on an order. You can track your order right from the website, instead of having to go to a UPS page, and they also have their return policy very accessible. One thing I liked about the page was when you first order you set up an account with them so that when you return to order again it cuts out filling out all the payment and delivery information, unless it has to be changed of course. The one thing I did not like about the customer service, however, was the toll free number. When I called someone picked up after a couple rings but greeted me with an “Hello?” and I had to ask if it was in fact I had reached. After that the gentleman was able to answer the questions I had but at the same time it was offsetting having to ask if it was Got Vape.

GotVape Variety and Selection of Vapes:

As far as variety and ease of selection go Got Vape definitely has you covered. They state that they have over 183 vaporizers and vaporizer accessories in stock and boast a total of 489 unique products. They even categorize them to make picking one out easier. They are categorized by such things like: Hands Free, Hot Box Vapor, Vapir, Portable, Top Rated, etc. Picking out the exact type of vape you are looking for is made really easy by it being divided into categories instead of just throwing them all together.

GotVape Shipping Methods:

Got Vape offers five different forms of shipping with various prices. Also keep in mind like I stated earlier it does save your shipping information to make things easier next time you order. They offer the following shipping methods:

Express 2 Day Air ($14.99)
UPS Ground (Free)
UPS 3 Day Select ($50.50)
UPS Next Day Air Saver ($111.05)
UPS Next Day Air ($123.32)

It should be noted when I called in, and as labeled on the site, I was told that the Express 2 Day Air is the best value of all the shipping options. Also keep in mind when shipping it is discrete. The package arrives in a plain brown box. The point being for those living with others you won’t have a package that says vaporizer all over it waiting for you at home where others can see it.

GotVape Deals and Coupons:

When checking out there is a space for a coupon to be entered, although I saw no active promotions on the site. I believe that by signing up for the e-mail newsletter for Got Vape you most likely receive these coupons and also for returning customers. But the fact that they do offer them is encouraging. Keep in mind they do have something called price protection, meaning within 10 days of ordering your vape if you see it somewhere else for cheaper they will refund you 100% of the difference. Also during checkout not once, but twice they offer discounted accessories that pertain to the vape you are purchasing. I didn’t find the second time they asked to be annoying but I feel some might if they aren’t interested and just wanted to note that.

GotVape What’s Unique About This Vendor:

The thing that immediately stands out the most about this website are the videos. Got Vape have videos for just about everything. From instructional videos on how to use the vaporizer to just basic introduction videos on each new vape they have or get in. Some, like myself, learn things better visually rather than reading an instruction manual and I feel like this is the best feature this site has to offer.

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