HerbalAire H2.1 Herbal Vaporizer Review

The HerbalAire H2.1 vaporizer is one that will draw a lot of immediate comparisons to something like the Volcano, due to its balloon inflation method of vaporizing. The HerbailAire can do direct inhalation with a vapor whip with an added attachment (included), but it is mainly known for the balloon inflation method first and foremost.

It is often not only compared to the Volcano but also touted as a Volcano vaporizer replacement. Some strong claims, lets find out if it is true, or anywhere near true.

HerbalAire H2.1 First Impressions

The packaging for the HerbalAire was very nice. It has some pictures of the HerbailAire filling the balloons it comes with and also of it being set up with a regular mouthpiece and vapor whip. Basically showing off all its uses. Also on the box were some highlights of what the HerbalAire has to offer. Most of those points were obvious though, like balloon inflation, direct inhalation, potpourri diffuser, etc…

After opening the box right on top is a small pamphlet that quickly explains a lot of what the HerbalAire has to offer, kind of like how the outside of the box did but more in depth. There was also a larger, even more in depth instruction manual that really detailed how to use this vape and get the most out of it.

Under the instruction manual and pamphlet was a plastic bag that contained the vapor balloons, as well as the clamps and mouthpieces for them. Not a lot of vapes come with the balloons already put together and I guess this is because some people like to trim the size of their vapor balloons, I on the other hand am lazy and wish all this was done for me already. But that is preference.

Under that was the vaporizer itself. It has a nylon outer shell that seems like it could definitely take a beating. Which leads me to one thing that caught my eye on the box. The manufacturer claims on the box that the H2.1 passes the “6 foot drop test” basically saying it can be dropped 6 feet and still work. I’m a little iffy on this.

I do think it would have a better chance of passing that test than a lot of other vapes, but I still don’t know if it would really work and I am hesitant to try it (voluntarily anyway).

The temperature knob also seemed pretty solid. This may not seem like a big deal, but a lot of vapes have some pretty crappy temperature knobs, which is why a lot of new vapes go with digital read outs, so I wanted to mention that the HerbalAire H2.1’s temperature knob seemed to be of really good quality. It even has temperature numbers listed around the knob to give you an idea of what temp you are at. It has 250, 300, 350, and 400 degree Fahrenheit markings.

Attached to the HerbalAire H2.1 was the power cord, which was a very nice length. The cord measures about 10 feet, which is more than enough if you happen to use the hand held direct inhalation method with just the mouthpiece attached.

The bottom of the vape has a clear window that exposes the electronics to the vape itself and I thought that was kind of a cool touch. There are 4 LED lights surrounding the little window that glow red when the vape is turned on, kind of giving it ground effects like you see on some cars. This doesn’t affect the vaporizing experience in a positive or negative way at all but it certainly looks cool.

Another immediate observation was that there was an additional power supply packaged with the HerbalAire. At first I wasn’t sure what it was for but after reading a little I discovered that when using the balloon inflation you actually have to have the HerbalAire plugged in twice. Before even using it I can say I am not a fan of this.

My First HerbalAire Experience

The HerbalAire basically has 3 different ways to vaporize with it. Those 3 ways are using the balloon inflation method, using a vapor whip, or attaching a mouthpiece directly to the top that you pull from. I decided to first go with the balloon inflation.

I plugged the HerbalAire in and then had to plug the other adapter, labeled by HerbalAire as a pump, in that is required when using the balloon inflation. Next I switched the temperature knob on, it clicks to indicate you have turned it on, and set the temperature knob to right between the 350 and 400 temperature markers. There is a hash mark to indicate half way.

Now the HerbalAire H2.1 instructions say to pack the crucibal, a small tray that you put your material in, without grinding at all. This doesn’t seem like the best idea to me. I understand that without grinding it will still vaporize but increasing the surface area by grinding the material is only going to help, there is no way it could hurt. So being the defiant one I am, I used my grinder anyway.

The HerbalAire was heated up after about 2 to 3 minutes which is indicated by its tri-color LED light that is below the temperature knob. When the light is green it means that the vape is below your set temperature, when it is amber (or yellowish) it means it is at your desired temperature, and when it glows red it means it is hotter than your desired temperature. The green light confused me at first so just remember that in this case, green does not mean go.

Once it was heated to temp I clicked on the fan, which is done by hitting a switch on the cord kind of like one of those rotary switches that clicks like on older lamps. That started the fan instantly and I could see the bag begin to fill with vapor.

Once it was full I detached the balloon and began to pull from the mouthpiece. It had a nice vapor quality. It was dense and not harsh at all, like you would expect from a vape using balloons. But I pulled directly after disconnecting it so it wasn’t harsh to begin with. So as far as balloon inflation I give the HerbalAire vaporizer a thumbs up, except having to attach the additional pump.

Next I tried the mouthpiece and whip attachments that are included. Both worked just as you would expect and you can even have the option of using the fan to deliver the vapor through the whip. I liked having the fan on with the whip actually, but I would not recommend that with only the mouthpiece, it is a little too much. Ultimately using both the whip and the mouthpiece attachments was a nice experience, but I enjoyed the balloon inflation a lot more.

Using just the mouthpiece out of the top of the HerbalAire, essentially making it a hand held vape, really wasn’t something I got into. The vapor was a little too hot for my liking and holding the HerbalAire was a little annoying.

HerbalAire H2.1 After Continued Use

Since first using the HerbalAire vape I have found that the balloon inflation method is indeed the best way to go. The vapor is thicker and overall more enjoyable. I used the whip a couple times but only because it was out of laziness of connecting the additional pump.

I assume they have the pump as a separate attachment because the HerbalAire can be used as a hand held vape when the mouthpiece is attached, but it is still a huge pain, especially since it takes up 2 outlets. I don’t know about you but I am very low on outlets around my place and I am already pushing the limit with extension cords and surge protectors.

The temperature knob and the LED lights have held up well. I have used the HerbalAire H2.1 a decent amount of times and had it heated up for long periods of time and there has been no problem with the temperature knob sticking or starting to loosen.

I also discovered something that I thought was never possible, an auto shut off feature that doesn’t piss me off! After 30 minutes the H2.1 automatically shuts itself off so you don’t burn out the unit or burn your place down of course. The reason this feature doesn’t anger me with the HerbalAire is because it waits a half hour before shutting down. It seems like every other auto shut off gives you like 10 to 15 minutes. It becomes a nuisance.

I tried vaping with the HerbalAire without grinding my material and just as I suspected it is not better. It may not have been much worse, but I still felt as if I was wasting some of my material. I also tried taking already used material from my Vapir NO2 and trying to squeeze a vapor balloon out of it and had mixed results. HerbalAire claims to get every last ounce of the material but the vapor I got from already vaporized material didn’t taste that great and there wasn’t much at all to begin with. But I guess there was still some, so that is a good thing.

I decided against testing the 6 foot drop. As much as I want to believe it can withstand that fall I don’t see any reason to test it. I’m sure with how clumsy I can be I will eventually test this 6 foot drop by accident and when I do I will update the result.

UPDATE: Well I dropped the HerbalAire off my high dinner table. It isn’t 6 feet but more like 4 feet. It withstood the fall without damage. It was actually filling a balloon at the time and when it fell it continued to fill. So take from that what you will.

The Final Word on the HerbalAire H2.1

The HerbalAire is a great vaporizer in my opinion. It has all the options you want from a vaporizer. It fills bags, uses a whip, lets you go direct inhalation with a mouthpiece, pretty much every base is covered. Yes there are things I wish were different, mainly the use of 2 plugs, but these are minor complaints when you look at everything you are getting for the price.

The HerbalAire H2.1 is perfect for someone who is just getting into vaporizing and doesn’t know what method of vaporizing best suits them. You can dive right in and try each method individually and come out knowing exactly what you are looking for. I can also recommend it to those who don’t want to spend the large amount the Volcano costs, the Volcano is still a little better and easier to use but the vapor quality between these two is almost unnoticeable.

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