Hot Box Herbal Vaporizer Review

The Hot Box vaporizer is an herbal vaporizer that is built with simplicity in mind. It reminds me of the Iolite portable herbal vaporizer for the fact that it comes in numerous different colors and designs. There is no temperature knob and no on/off switch, the only thing distinguishing it as a vaporizer is the heating element in the center of it. But how well can a vape be without letting you set your temperature?

Hot Box First Impressions

I first ripped open the box containing my Hot Box. Other than the Hot Box itself I found the vapor whip (not hands free), 2 replacement screens, a stir tool, and the instruction manual. First I noticed how small the Hot Box actually is. Again a picture online deceived me, but in a good way. I’d rather the vape be smaller rather than larger.

Visually there isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the Hot Box vaporizer. It is literally a small box with an opening for the heating element in the front. If you have never seen a vaporizer before you really wouldn’t have any idea what this thing is, especially if you had it with the heating element facing a wall or something. So all you college kids out there, this is perfect for the dorm.

The cord on the Hot Box seemed to be a nice length, right around 10 feet. But you really won’t find yourself dragging this thing around much, especially since the whip is not hands free. Another reason you won’t be dragging it around a lot, at least while in use, is it is rumored to get very hot on the outside of it. That could be due to the ceramic tile design on the outside.

The Hot Box has a unique ceramic tile design on the outside with a stone or marble design available for an additional fee as well. I said it was like the Iolite in terms of vanity because it comes in a very wide variety of colors and you can even get custom designs put on the vape. If you are into customization then the Hot Box is definitely up your alley.

My First Hot Box Experience

The Hot Box took a little getting used to for me. I am not used to a vape being this hands off when heating up. What I mean is I’m used to plugging in the vape, setting the temperature, adjusting the temperature based on preference, etc.

With the Hot Box all you do is plug it in and wait. After plugging it in it took about 15 minutes to heat up. The only way to judge if it is heated up is by the orange glow of the heating element, which is a nichrome ceramic heating element. Nichrome ceramic heating elements are typical in this price range for this type of vaporizer.

Once it is heated up I placed my ground up material in the whip. Since it is not a hands free whip you actually have to hold the whip end to the heating element. What this also means is the whip for the Hot Box vaporizer does NOT slip over the heating element. So if you have never used a whip vaporizer that is not hands free then this is going to be a little foreign to you.

I have to say I am not a fan of vapes that aren’t hands free. I personally almost always end up spilling my material everywhere and the act of having to use both hands is just annoying. Perhaps it is because I am so spoiled by hands free vaporizers that are out now.

The vapor quality was surprisingly good. It automatically heats up to a temperature close to 365 degrees Fahrenheit and, although I usually go a little hotter than that, I really enjoyed the vapor the Hot Box delivered.

But I quickly ran into a problem. After about 20 minutes using the Hot Box vaporizer it started to cook the material a little too much and the vapor got a little harsh. I wasn’t sure if I had to turn it off for a few minutes or if I was pulling too hard. I experimented with both and found that ultimately I was just pulling a little too hard. A slight adjustment in the speed of my pulls mostly fixed this problem.

My experience with the Hot Box was overall a good one. Although I still don’t really like the fact that I can’t adjust to a temperature that I like. The temperature the Hot Box uses isn’t bad, it just isn’t what I prefer.

Hot Box After Consistent Use

After using the Hot Box for a while there really aren’t many tricks to report due to the simple use of the vape. The Hot Box still takes around 15 minutes to heat up each time and each use has been the same as the last. This is a good thing because if you really enjoy the Hot Box then you can always count on that consistent experience. I just got bored with the Hot Box relatively fast.

Remember when I mentioned that the Hot Box is known to heat up on the outside during use? Well this has definitely been confirmed. After the Hot Box was on for about a half hour, including the 15 minute heat up time, I went to touch it and it was pretty friggin hot. Any moving of the hot Box during use needs to be done with a towel or something to hold the outside of it because you can not pick this thing up while it’s heated up.

Holding the wand to the heating element is definitely annoying. Especially if you are already used to a hands free vaporizer. Spilling your material is really easy and it is also hard to get the material to vaporize evenly sometimes. I’m sure before hands free vapes became the popular option this was no big deal, but now it just seems like an annoyance.

The Hot Box definitely flies under the radar though in a bedroom or living room. No one is going to know what the thing is unless you leave the whip sitting next to it, which I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t want people to know what it is. I doubt this thing would even go noticed in a kitchen.

The Final Word on the Hot Box Herbal Vaporizer

The Hot Box vape isn’t a bad vaporizer, but it also is not the greatest. Its strong points are its simplicity. You only have to plug it in and then wait until it is time to vaporize. But on the other hand it takes away the ability to set the vape to a temperature that is most comfortable to you.

If you need something that isn’t going to cost you a lot of money and will go mostly unnoticed in say a dorm room or a living room then the Hot Box would be an excellent option. It isn’t going to be the best thing ever, but it will still get the job done.

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