So you want to buy the Vriptech Heat Wand but you’re thinking “There are so many glass parts and I’m clumsy … am I going to break this thing?”. Well the short answer is yea, probably. But with the pearls of wisdom I am about to lay on you we can change all that.

Vriptech Heat Wand Tips

First, buy the “optional” glass stand. This stand is where your heat wand needs to be when it is not in your hand. It holds it upright, has a very wide base to avoid it tipping over and also helps the heat wand to warm faster. A large mug works OK, but nowhere near as well as the stand does.

The next tip to not breaking your VHW 3.0 is make sure you are aware that the glass heater cover on the heat wand is EXTREMELY fragile. So please don’t sit there while talking to your friends with the heat wand in your hand waving it back and forth telling some crazy story of what happened last weekend. Because you’ll end up smacking it into a wall or something and being really pissed off that your heat wand is now useless.

Similarly, if you have that one friend that should probably be wearing a helmet at all times DO NOT let him/her use the heat wand. Just do it for them instead. Your heat wand (and friendship) will last longer.

When shutting off your heat wand allow it to cool down in its stand before moving. One of my heat wand glass covers cracked and broke because I shut it off and carried it into another room. The air in the other room was a few degrees colder and the quick temperature caused the glass around ceramic heating element to crack instantly.

Do not leave your heat wand on for super-extensive periods of time. You can get away with leaving it on for awhile in between sessions but if it is on too long there is a possible risk that prolonged high heat could melt the circuit board to some extent and effect the wand’s function.

Always make sure the heat wand’s power cord is untangled and in view so you or your guests can avoid tripping on it and pulling the wand onto the ground. The wand’s glass cover is very fragile and there is little chance it will remain instact from a fall, except maybe when landing on carpet, which it would begin to burn instantly.

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